There’s A New Dog Menu Coming To The Parade That Every Dog Owner Needs To Know About

We all love our adorable four-legged friends but there’s never really been a place that serves food for both them and us. Until now

We all love our adorable four-legged friends and we seem to take them pretty much everywhere with us. But we’ve never really had somewhere where we both eat delicious food at the same time. Well Adelaide, the wait is over. As of the 15th of June, Argo on the Parade Norwood, have released their brand new menu, exclusive and especially made for dogs!

For a while now Argo on the Parade has been blessing our pooches with their ‘Puppaccinos’. A drink designed for dogs made from lactose-free milk with a dash of carob powder with peanut butter biscuits served on the side. Argo tells us that these quickly became very popular, with the cafe selling approximately 20-30 Puppaccinos a week.

But this was just the beginning for Argo! Now they’ve taken it to a whole new level. When Speaking to Glam Adelaide, Argo has given us a list of some dishes we can find on their new pooch menu:

  • Woof Bircher with freshly grated apple, honey, natural yoghurt, oats and banana
  • The Hound Burger- Bun less burger with our k-9 beef patty, sweet potato, carrot and kale served with beef stock.
  • K-9 Smoothie bowl- blended banana, apple and house made peanut butter
  • Superfood Bowl- Cooked salmon, baby spinach, natural yoghurt and sweet potato.
  • As well as a range of treats, including our canine cookies and healthy bickies.

When having a chat with Glam, Argo have said, “We see many of our customers enjoying early morning walks with their four legged friends. We figured why not offer something other than water to the dogs.”

“The response has been great, the top seller is the hound burger and the puppacino…(where it all started)”

We can’t wait to see how this new menu goes and bring our own pooches here and see what they think!

To see the full menu visit, head here!


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