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There’s A New Range Of Doggo/Cat Halloween Costumes And They’re Bloody Adorable


Puppy dog eyes do wonders when it comes to securing treats.

As in, actual puppy dog eyes on an actual puppy dog.

Last Christmas, my dog managed to secure so much roast chicken from my grandma that she made herself sick (Grandma and my dog now exchange sheepish looks from across the kitchen whenever food is in the vicinity).

Petbarn has now released a range of Halloween costumes and accessories for cats and dogs (and apparently, guinea pigs).

Halloween is all about securing treats dressed in supposedly “spooky” costumes and your dog/cat/guinea pig is now able to participate.

Whilst we’re not quite sure what this says about the state of our society, it’s a bit of fun, and it made us smile, and in this day and age, that’s certainly something.

I highly doubt Grandma will be able to say no to my dog when she’s wearing a little wizard hat reminiscent of Dumbledore.

See Petbarn’s full catalogue with all the Halloween treats (and tricks) for your pets here.

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