There’s A New Way To Pay For Your Petrol

The future is here.

Paying for fuel just got a whole lot easier. Now, whilst we don’t want to sound super lazy – this is kind of awesome. You can pay for your fuel without even leaving the car at on the run using the OTR App.

Paying for fuel with the OTR App means you can fill up and then complete payment directly from your phone, with no need to go inside and pay (sans temptation to buy junk food).

This kind of technology is the first for SA and has been a long-term collaboration between the OTR product innovation team and local App development partner, The Distillery.

Brendon Hore, Chief Information Officer, said, “What makes the paying for fuel feature unique to the market, is that it’s a bespoke solution, developed specifically for OTR. It provides a simple outcome for our customers. They will no longer be caught in a queue waiting to pay for fuel behind other customers. They can simply drive in, fill up and get out quickly. And on top of all that, there are no additional costs to our customers!”

It’s a simple process. A customer selects to use the pay for fuel function in the OTR App, the app uses Bluetooth technology to connect with the customer’s phone. The app retrieves the fuel sale and enables payment to be completed on the phone.

The OTR App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for both iOS and Android smart phone users.

The App is available from over 100 OTR sites, click here to see if yours is up and running.


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