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There’s A Whole Side Of Hindley Street You May Not Know About

Hindley Street is flushed with quirky, cool finds from neat cafes, bookshops, designers and collaborative working spaces.

Fun fact: Hindley Street is named after Charles Hindley, a member of the House of Commons in the British Parliament. He funded a venture to colonise South Australia, but he never visited. After consuming six pints of brandy, a supposed cure prescribed by his doctor, Hindley passed away. An ironic ending for the man whose namesake would become a prime location for Adelaide’s rowdy nightlife. But that’s not where the story ends.

Having said all that, a new revolution is being forged on Hindley Street.
It’s time to forget what you thought you knew about the party centre of SA. Hindley’s reputation is on the rise thanks to many a new addition, and some brilliant revamps of old ones from cafes to restaurants, clothing stores to collaboration spaces, we seriously can spend our whole day just wandering up and down. Not to mention this inner city hero is also the main link for so many cool alleyways and backstreets that are becoming more and more alive. Here’s our hot picks of the little nooks and crannies that you might not know are hidden on one of Adelaide’s most infamous streets, that’s making us here at Glam stay all day.

Here is a list of our favourite quirky and fun places to visit on one of Adelaide’s most (in)famous streets:

Honki Tonki: 38 Hindley St.

The little sister of Adelaide favourite Sit Lo, Honki Tonki welcomes a fusion of Asian flavours. We recommend trying their dumplings, laksa, noodles, and all-day egg waffles. With its hot-pink interiors and cartoon decor, Honki Tonki is pretty hard to miss.

DEW (Drink Eat Work): 101 Hindley St.

DEW is a environment uniquely designed for like-minded businesspeople and creatives – a hub that simultaneously acts as a workspace, art studio, and lounge. In collaboration with artist Lisa King, the original industrial appearance has taken a jungle-esque turn. Swing by with your laptop tucked under your arm, and enjoy a raw food meal, or a drink of Columbian coffee, fresh smoothies, and market juices. And if work gets particularly difficult, there’s wine available to soothe your frazzled nerves.

Apothecary 1878: 118 Hindley St.

Named after the antique pharmacist dispensary which acts the interior’s centerpiece, Apothecary 1878 reminisces back to 19th century Paris, where no company was considered inadequate or unwelcome, so long as they appreciated a fine drop. The perfect date spot with their superior range of cocktails and wines, Apothecary takes you back in time with a beverage in hand. The food is the ‘true incarnation’ of a European-style restaurant: we’d recommend the chef’s tasting menu, where the courses are paired perfectly paired with wines. 

Peter Rabbit: 234-244 Hindley St

Peter Rabbit’s goal was to introduce a ‘green difference’ to Adelaide’s concrete jungle. Hop on down to Peter Rabbit, and you’ll find your daily dose of bunny cuteness, delicious food with ingredients cultivated from their homegrown garden, and South Australian beverages. With their newly launched winter menu, you can eat your meal in a quaint garden in the middle of the city.

Levant: 252 Hindley St. 

The Eastern Mediterranean lunchtime hot spot contrasts a quirky environment with traditional cuisine (made with love!) Choose from a range of pita pockets and salads with vegetables and sauces, tick the desired boxes on your order form, hand it over, and it’s ready in the blink of an eye. Bonus points for their Insta-worthy decor.

SWOP Clothing Exchange: 34 Hindley St.

SWOP Clothing Exchange is a two-for-one deal: you can sell your pre-loved wardrobe heroes and restock while you’re at it. SWOP buy clothes every Friday to fill the shelves with vintage and secondhand clothing and accessories – they aim to be a retail concept with a difference. Build upon collaboration, environmental consideration and inspiring new fashion, SWOP seek to provide a sustainable fashion future.

Cheeseburger: 189-207 Hindley St.

The newest creation from the team at neighbour Levant Eatery, Cheeseburger is worth the hype it’s been receiving. With a mini menu of three options, Cheeseburger allows you to pick your own cheese (from a curated selection of cheeses from around the world), and make their burger patties in-house, ensuring high-quality indulgence.


Right Hand Distribution: 83A Hindley St.

Your one-stop shop, Right Hand Distribution sells from a variety of different street brands. A menswear store, Right Hand Distribution Adelaide’s best selection of Japanese denim and outwear for yourself or the men in your life.

Uni Hub

At the end of Hindley St is UniSA and notably, their newest development, The Jeffery Smart Building. Not only is it a great individual and collaborative workspace, but also offers food through their Brekky Bar for students with an early-morning class, and entertainment, including the occasional movie nights and events relevant to student interests and participation.

Imprints Booksellers: 107 Hindley St.

Imprints have a great range of books that are a little more diverse than your traditional bookstore. Although you might not find the top 10 New York Times bestsellers, you’re sure to find something unique. With more than thirty years’ experience dispensing quality literature to Adelaide booklovers, Imprints offer knowledge and passion when helping with a personalised recommendations for your new or secondhand book.

Quirky Stylin’: 99a Hindley St. 

For lovers of something truly different, Quirky Styling stocks alternative scene fashion, with everything from Steampunk, Gothic, Rockabilly, Lolita, Cyber, Otaku, Tribal, and Punk menswear and womenswear. Quirky Stylin’ specialises in corsets, dapper hats, and handmade couture accessories.

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Photos by Matthew Kroker.

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