There’s A World Cup Snail Race Happening This Weekend In Adelaide

You can’t make these things up! Actual snails will race for the title of Hamley Bridge World Champion.

We’re not joking.

Snails. With fancy racing names. And colourful little shells. Crawling their way towards the finish line in what just might be the most excruciating race ever.

Hamley Bridge Primary school presents the Hamley Bridge World Cup Snail Race this Friday, 15 November, at the Hamley Pub.

Yes, there will be trophies. Yes, there will be meat trays to keep your energy up as you cheer. And yes, there will be silent auctions between races.

And you can be a part of this fantastic, albeit a little crazy, event by purchasing a snail by Thursday, 14 November. Your little buddy will then race with the rest of the big guns!

If you want to enter a snail, get in touch with the Hamley Bridge World Cup Snail Racing Facebook page for a copy of their entry form, where you can name and choose the colours of your snail! You can also get in touch with Sandy on 0417 864 737.

Not only is the night a bit of light-hearted fun, but all money raised goes to Hamely Bridge Primary School, where they use the funds for kids I.T. and sport equipment and their weekly breakfast club.

Plus “Winner of the Hamley Bridge World Champion Snail Race” is such an excellent conversation starter.

What more reason do you need to take part in this one of a kind event?

More info on the Facebook page here.

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