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Shapeshifter Brewing Co. celebrates women in the beer industry with this incredible event

These boots are made for brewing as Shapeshifter Brewing Co. celebrates women’s contribution to the beer industry

Pink Boots Day will bring together some of Australia’s best female brewers and brewery administrators to talk beer, the role of women in the industry, and to brew a great beer on the day.

Not only will the event showcase an undervalued workforce of female brewers, the event will provide you with a multifaceted experience.

There will be an array of beer tastings and sensory sessions with Briony Liebich from Flavour Logic, head brewer James McCall and Steph Howard. Lunch will be provided, but be sure to contact Shapeshifter when you are booking just so you can include any dietary requirements.

Taking the lead for Pink Boots Day is Carla Naismith, Senior Brewer at Shapeshifter Brewing Co. After her extensive history within the brewing culture, an obsession quickly started to form.

However, Carla didn’t just step into her senior role immediately. Like most working class people, she began to ascend into the beer industry, working in front of house management in a craft beer-focused venue where she was encouraged to taste and discuss and learn.

“I was always raiding the fridge for anything new and trying to figure out how the brewers had achieved that outcome. I decided to start home brewing with a friend and loved it. Craft meets science. I switched jobs to work a front of house role for a brewery and pestered the brewers to let me help them on brew day.

“I volunteered my time in the brewery and learned as much as I could. Then at Beer and BBQ Festival that year, I met the head brewer of Sparkke, Agnes Gajic. We got chatting and she gave me her card and told me there might be a job for me, and the rest is history,” Carla said.

Carla isn’t shy about getting her hands dirty, especially when it comes to showcasing her creativity through this specific medium.

“I had grown an obsession and I wanted to know how to make these tasty beverages. I love the merging of both process and creativity that being a brewer offers. As I started to get into it, I loved it more. I love getting grubby, I love working hard but having something physical to show for it at the end I can share with friends and loved ones.

“I love the beer community, how friendly, supportive and kind everyone is. I can’t imagine doing anything else now,” Carla said.

The Pink Boot Society plays a huge role to empower women beer professionals to advance their careers in the beer industry through education.

“My first involvement with Pink Boots was a brew day. One of the owners of the venue I was running at the time was a member. She was attending a brew day and invited me to go with her. I watched the women in the industry that day brew, work, discuss, learn and network. It was inspiring and felt like a safe place to ask questions and grow.

“Up until that point, becoming a brewer had seemed unlikely and I wasn’t sure where to begin really. When I knew that there was a network of supportive women who were doing it and there to help me should I need it, made it seem more achievable.

The overwhelming narrative that beer brewing is a ‘boys’ sport’ isn’t lost on Carla.

“Firstly, I think women have to feel like they are welcome in the industry and not treated differently because of our gender. Employment opportunities have to be made available to women. Brewery workplace culture needs to be addressed. Women need to feel safe and respected at work, and that’s only the beginning. I could write an essay,” says Carla.

You will be lucky enough to enjoy a brew that’s made especially for the event, which is a 6% Hazy IPA brewed with Pink Boots Yakima Hop Blend and malt donated from Cryer Malt.

How can more women get involved in Pink Boots Brew Day? Become a Pink Boots member at and reserve a spot for brew day at Eventbrite.

Since the event is heavily focused on inclusivity, all are welcome—even novices who don’t know the differences between an IPA and a craft beer.

Visit Shapeshifter Brewing Co. at Unit 2/54 Crittenden Rd, Findon SA 5023.

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