This Adelaide Art Has Been Snapped Up By Silent Bob

From the streets of Norwood to the galleries of LA, Adelaide miniaturist Joshua Smith has caught the attention of Hollywood director Kevin Smith.

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and for Adelaide artist Joshua Smith that phrase seems to have rung true. Having produced artwork based on the cult classic film Clerks, directed by New Jersey native Kevin Smith, for display at Gallery 1988 in LA. Such is the appreciation from the voiceless Silent Bob that Kevin Smith has purchased the piece himself.


Joshua Smith has been an established name in the Adelaide arts scene for a number of years. Originally a stencil artist based out of Norwood, his career has spanned 18 years, showcasing artwork in galleries and exhibitions around the world. In 2011 he established Espionage Gallery. This small, boutique gallery just off Rundle Mall became a hub of local, interstate and international artists in the beating heart of Adelaide. From 2011 to its closure in 2015, Espionage Gallery displayed the work of over 600 artists from 20 countries, becoming a much-loved institution for artists and art lovers everywhere.


Since then, Joshua has taken his passion in a new direction, becoming a self-taught miniaturist. His new work focuses on the oft forgotten corners of our environment. Rusted industrial bins, rundown buildings littered with graffiti, abandoned parts of our world. A lot of Joshua’s work captures disused spots in our very own city. He has miniaturised Australian locations like the Flinders Street photobooth, the Liberated X Bookshop and even Adelaide’s own 10 Payneham Road. Joshua’s miniature perspective on this grimy and discarded world has launched his career into international recognition, with his work displayed in London, Paris,Berlin, San Francisco and most recently, Los Angeles.


His latest piece is the Quickstop Groceries and RST Video shopfront from the 1994 film Clerks. Joshua created the piece for the Culture4 Cult exhibition at Gallery 1988 in LA, which is on December 7-21. And before the exhibition even opened Joshua announced that his piece had been bought by director Kevin Smith himself.

It goes without saying that Joshua Smith has caught the attention of a worldwide audience. If you happen to be in LA in December be sure to check out this display. Otherwise for art fans who need something closer to home Josh is also showcasing some of his work at Beinart Gallery in Melbourne’s Brunswick until December 21.

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