Adelaide Designer Does Something That We Didn’t Think Was Possible

Paige Rowe, one of the newest labels on the Adelaide fashion block, has designed a range that looks good on any woman and we have the photos to prove it…

paige feat

We didn’t think this was possible. A fashion label that looks good on anyone and everyone. But in steps new Adelaide fashion label Paige Rowe and all our misconceptions are blown out of the water.

After attending her debut launch a few weeks ago, we saw something that we had never seen before on a runway (and we attend a lot of fashion shows)… Paige chose to have an array of models of different ages, sizes and heights walk the catwalk in her designs.

Models from 18-60 years old, from 5ft to 6ft and from a size 8 to 16… And guess what? Everyone looked amazing! We think it has something to do with this cool little fact: Paige actually bases her designs and patterns on her own size 14 figure and then works the designs back down to a 12, 10, 8 etc. Well we can only assume that this is the reason that the designs look flawless on any shape or size.

However, we wanted to test this theory. Can her designs really look that good on everyone? So Paige was put to the test and we asked her to take photos of her customers as they were trying on her designs. Each customer wore the same pair of pants with a few different options on top. We think the results speak for themselves… Take a look!

paige five

paige four

paige one

paige rowe three

paige six

paige two

See the proof really is in the pudding! Also, on top of the fact that Paige’s designs look fab on every body type and every age group, they are also made from the finest materials including silk, however they are affordable. Yes!! Amazing and affordable, we love that.

Her first collection is available for preorder now but in order to check out the samples and see how versatile this range is, you need to head to the Paige Rowe Pop Up Store on King William Road. You will get to see the stunning designs, try them on and even be styled by Paige and her team.

We know you will be impressed so be prepared to fall in love with this new Adelaide designer.

Paige Rowe Pop Up Store

122 King William Road, Hyde Park

Get in quick, it ends this Friday!

OR you can meet Paige at Texture and Hue in Angaston in the Barossa Valley for a styling session on Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 August from 10am-5pm.

Find out more information and book a session on her website.

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