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This Adelaide Dog Poop Patrol Cleans Up Your Backyard (So You Don’t Have To)

There’s an Adelaide business, who’s all about doing your dirty work for you.


Pretty much everybody loves dogs. Fur babies have their own menus at pubs these days, matching outfits to their owners, there are dog masseuses, and doggy daycare is growing in popularity. For all the money we dish out on our pups though, there’s one thing missing. A professional pooper scooper. Well pick up after your pooch no more. K9 Poop Patrol is an Adelaide-based business, which services most of metro Adelaide, and they’re here to help.

While we normally wouldn’t write about dog sh*t, we really felt like sharing this clever business was our duty. It’s a community service. Because seriously, who enjoys picking up after their dogs? Nobody.

For most Adelaide backyards with up to two dogs, you’re only looking at $12 for a weekly clean, $20 for twice-weekly, $20 for fortnightly and they also do one-off pick ups. HOW GOOD IS THAT?

No more fragrant assaults to your nostrils, no more stepping in doggie doo when you’re hanging out the clothes. It’s perfect really.

For any of their clients who qualify for NDIS home assistance, there’s also an option to claim the services, which is brilliant.

The K9 Poop Patrol are handy whether you’re time poor, have a bad back, or just don’t like cleaning up the yard – so really everyone’s a winner here, including your dog who will have a much nicer environment to kick around in while you’re at work.

Get in touch with the team for a quote, or find out more info on their Facebook page here.

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