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This Adelaide milk bar is serving legit cereal lattes

Care for some cornflakes with your latte? This milk bar has you covered.

We’ve got some great news for your Monday.

There’s a café selling actual cereal lattes.

Gelina Milk Bar, part of Billy’s Lane in the Adelaide Myer Centre, is offering customers three choices of cereal lattes: Special K Cornflakes, Coco Pops or Lucky Charms.

So, how does it work?

The milk from your favourite cereal is heated and blended with the coffee, and then garnished.

Photo By Kelly Barnes

Take the cornflake latte for example.

The blend of cornflake milk and coffee is topped with cornflakes, making for perhaps the best thing since … well, cornflakes.

Gelina Milk Bar are also serving ice cream rolls, cookies, milkshakes, sweet homemade pies and soft serves.

You can find Gelina Milk Bar in the Myer Centre at 14-38 Rundle Mall, Adelaide.

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