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This Adelaide supermarket legit has five bars inside

With this Adelaide Supermarket, what we recommend is to (in between grocery shopping) embark on a full on degustation throughout the bars in the supermarket.

We’ve seen them every time we’ve gone shopping, and we’re pretty sure you have too. That partner who hates grocery shopping.

You’ll find them sitting down glumly on the bench outside the supermarket, whilst their other half is rolling through the aisles working down the list.

Or maybe that’s you. Dreading the weekly rigmarole of having to shop the milk and bread with no reward for your diligent preparation for the week.

Well Adelaide’s Finest Supermarkets have come to the rescue. Their name says it all really.

They’ve already won World’s Best Supermarket with their Frewville Foodland store, and now following extensive renovations and expansion to their Pasadena store over the last few years, they’ve continued to set world-class benchmarks.

Pasadena Foodland is shopping heaven.

We’re not even exaggerating. Renowned for its excellent produce, fantastic pricing and outstanding service, it’s a visual masterpiece too.

A place where the fully-stocked shelves bring OCD shoppers a sense of calm. The fruit and veg section puts and market on notice, and their spice area is the stuff of chef’s dreams.

Adding to the experience are FIVE, yes five, specialty bars, where you can stop, relax and have a cheeky drink, whilst enjoying some of the freshest produce that Adelaide has to offer.

Nestled alongside the bakery (which also offers up freshly made crepes and waffles), along the back side of the supermarket, gives you plenty of opportunities to not only shop some amazing foods, but you can eat them too. Perfect, right?

With so many options to choose from (remember there are FIVE!), we’d suggest giving yourself some time in between your grocery shop, and embarking on a full on degustation throughout the bars in the supermarket.

Our recommended journey begins at the Flower Bar, which also hosts a high tea. Enjoy some of their incredible, freshly-made cakes and a champagne, whilst you listen to the piano player amongst the flowers (yes its an actual florist).

From there you can head to the Cheese Bar, which is as amazing as it sounds.

Shop from hundreds of incredible cheeses, or pull up a bar stool and order one of their platters.

Opt for a glorious d’Affinois or an interesting hard goats cheese or another pick something else from their extensive range.

The great gin menu, cocktails, wines and more are a nice addition to cleanse the palate.

Their Oceanic Bar serves a huge range of fresh different types of oysters, scallops and more.

The wine list you can get here specialises in champagnes, but the cocktails and wines from the other bars are still on offer.

The Salumi Bar is the spot for meat lovers where you can either buy a take home platter for your next function, grab some salumi for you to snack on at home, or relax as a platter is prepared for you.

The travelling degustation can even be rounded out at Mr Nick’s namesake Kitchen & Coffee Bar where you’re spoilt for choice.

Here you can sit down in a restaurant style-environment (it’s still open enough to the supermarket for lots of great people watching though!) and enjoy a proper lunch or dinner on your own or with friends.

Mr Nick is the patriarch of the family-owned business and you’ll still see him around the store on a regular basis.

Mr Nick takes fresh produce so seriously, that after being disappointed about the taste of the tomatoes on offer in SA (they didn’t have enough flavour after being picked half green and allowed to ripen afterwards), he approached some growers until he found one who would pick the tomatoes at their peak from the vines.

It meant a shorter shelf life in store (which means less profit), however it guaranteed more delicious flavour for his customers.

That passion for perfection can be seen across the store, and is one of the many reasons people keep coming back.

The efforts to support local and small SA brands doesn’t go unnoticed across Pasadena Foodland, with so many of our best South Australian products on display.

The stand out for us though, was the distinct joy that you see from the staff who seem to simply love what they do. 

It makes all the difference, and the service is unparalleled.

So when you’re ordering your next platter and glass of wine, take the time to chat with those making your food. They love to have a yarn and their love for their jobs will shine through.

Pasadena Foodland is somewhere you really need to experience to understand (words can’t do it justice) but leave your schedule clear, you won’t be leaving that quickly…

(This wasn’t a paid ad – we seriously just love this place to bits)


What: Pasadena Foodland
Where: 20 Fiveash Dr, Pasadena SA 5042
Opening Hours:

  • Monday – Friday 7am – 9pm
  • Saturday 7am – 5pm
  • Sunday 11am – 5pm

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