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This Bar Tour Will Reveal Adelaide’s Best Kept Secrets

Ever been told that there’s nothing to do in Adelaide? Well the Adelaide Bar Boys are here to change your mind with a tour that’ll take you to all the secret venues around our city.


Adelaide has long come under fire for being stagnant or a bore to tourists and interstate visitors against the vehement denial of locals! We Adelaidians all know that our city isn’t boring, but we can’t deny that the best venues are often treasured as secrets. We have a hidden bar scene that rivals big cities worldwide in terms of quality, themes and style and it’s high time we revealed it.

That is exactly what Branden and Nathan, the nominally named Adelaide Bar Boys, thought upon returning to Adelaide after a whirlwind Euro-trip. The found it tragic that our high quality establishments, which were regular drinking spots for them, weren’t being noticed by visitors and even some locals. They began the collaboration with a load of Adelaide bars so that they could host a night of revelry. The biggest benefit being that most locations within our CBD is easily within walking distance (unlike Melbourne and Sydney), there’s no need for cabs or Ubers so the fresh walk in between drinking does wonders for your state of mind.

They gave me the opportunity to tag along to their promotional Secret Bar Tour on Saturday night for an evening of fantastic cocktails, delicious nibbles and pleasant company. The weather might have been chilly but the boys kept us upbeat with stories of their travel with tidbits on the cocktails and the venues squished in there too. Keeping the feel of going out with a group of mates.

The tour starts at a relatively known favourite and goes on to five other venues that all offer something different. Don’t worry, no spoilers here, we want you to go on the tour with the Adelaide Bar Boys so that you get the full experience. The boys will take you to hidden spots within venues that the average patron might not even know about; you might be led through a concealed doorway or two that reveal an underground bar with a crowd of regulars.

Whether you’re being surprised that a bar even existed in places you constantly commute or whether you’re walking into somewhere you’ve only seen pictures of and always thought to yourself…yes, I want to go there! The tour will give even the most knowledgeable person in the bar scene something new to bring back to their friends.

Altogether, you can expect a high quality service for a high quality drinker. The cocktails are all expertly made, some are the bar classics, others were experimental and exciting future additions that tour attendees get a sneak taste of.

If you have any dietary requirements, or if you (like many of us) were traumatised by a certain spirit in your younger years and can’t find it within yourself to enjoy it anymore, it’s not an issue, the boys promise to find you an alternative that’ll suit your tastes.

This is all just the start, the Bar Boys have assured me that the present itinerary includes a gin tour and a whiskey tour for connoisseurs. They’ve also hinted towards plans for a beer tour that’ll be a sure hit with the lads and holiday specific tours that are in the works.

So the next time you hear someone say that there’s nothing to do in Adelaide then point them in the direction of the Adelaide Bar Boys who are sure to change their mind. Branden and Nathan are have just begun their venture as tour chaperones and hidden bar specialists but we’re sure it’s going to be a hit with all groups. Their next tour should be arriving in September (just in time for the warmer weather) so keep an eye out.

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