This Barossa winery makes kids’ tasting planks, and parents everywhere cheer

The Barossa isn’t just about enjoying wine, it’s about the whole family finding somewhere to go, so mum and dad can enjoy wine.

Image courtesy of Z Wines

My husband and I regularly joke, that since we had kids, we’ve single handedly kept the South Australian wine industry afloat. Made it through 9 months of making a kid? It’s time for a wine. Manage to put the kids to bed? Celebrate with a wine. Had a rough day with the kids? Unwind with a wine. Escaped them for a grown up night out? Wine. You see how it goes.

So, you’d understand that it means we also love visiting the vast array of amazing cellar doors peppered throughout South Australia, which with children can be much harder.

So, over five years ago Z Wines in the Barossa Valley created the concept of kids tasting planks to match your own so they enjoy the day out as much as you.

“We have a saying here ‘linger longer and be spoilt like a Barossan’ which is because you can stay much longer here than other cellar doors as the kids are occupied and you can sit back and relax while you enjoy the produce,” owner Kristen says.

The adult planks are fabulous (of course) with a range of options from a White Plank, a Mixed Plank, a Red Plank, or a Regional Plank with prices range from $40-$55.

Then the kids planks include orange juice, apple juice, milk and water paired with smoked fritz, fairy on apex bread, cheddar cheese and pretzels, and sells for a reasonable $15 which is worth every penny. The planks can also be tailored to suit any dietary requirement.

“We were the original cellar door to do them. It all started when my then 7 year old daughter saw us getting the place ready top open years ago and thought it wasn’t fair kids didn’t get a plank. I told her whilst very busy one day that if she made one we’d put it on the menu, and to my surprise she came up with something and we thought it was really cool. Since then it’s been on the menu,” Kristen says.

“The amount of families as a demographic it has brought us is monumental. We even get grandparents bringing their grandkids.”

They also have kids toys in the corner, biscuits, different juices, and babycinos, served with sprinkles, cocoa dusting and marshmallows. Perfect.

“We originally made the kids corner thinking of my own four kids, but it turns out that other parents also love it. They can sit back and relax while the kids are having fun. In that area we now have retro toys like binoculars, old type writers and old dial up telephones and the kids play there for ages,” Kristen says.

Bravo Z Wines, you get my vote (and my money).

Z Wine
Where: 109-111 Murray Street, Tanunda
Open: Sunday – Thursday 10am to 8pm, Friday and Saturday 10am – late
More info: Visit their Facebook page here or their website here.

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