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Conference To Address Burnout Kicks Off This Week

A new conference called Wake Up Adelaide is happening this November, with a sensational line up of inspirational speakers.


Coach and The 7 Effect founder Jodie Nevid with friend and conference organiser extraordinaire Brylee Foulis, has launched a new conference called Wake Up Adelaide.

Not your typical business conference, Wake Up Adelaide is rather a movement that will bring together likeminded individuals from across Australia to one central location where they can share ideas and learn how to live a life by design and avoid burnout that’s effecting us in increasing numbers.

It will be hosted at the Adelaide Convention Centre on November 21 and 22.

According to the World Health Organisation, as of earlier this year burnout is now recognised as a legitimate syndrome.

WHO charaterieses burnout as “feelings of energy depletion or exhaustion, increased mental distance from your job or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to ones job, and reduced professional efficacy (which for those of us who haven’t swallowed a dictionary efficacy means the ability to produce a desired result)”.

So if you are an individual or team searching for a way to reconfigure your life so you are energised and in the driver’s seat to achieve your dreams then this event is essential to add to your diary now for November.

The inspirational speakers include:

  • Glam Adelaide’s own Kelly Noble, who also co-founded Showcase SA
  • Kikki.K international founder Kristina Karlsson – speaking at her first public event in SA
  • Former Adelaide Mayor & Urban Futurist Stephen Yarwood
  • The 7 Effect founder Jodie Nevid
  • Hypnotherapist and Modern Psychologist Alistair Horscroft
  • KNOW: HOW Property Finance Strategy owner Bushy Martin
  • Power Living Yoga instructor and wellness advocate Tessa Leon
  • And so many more

Ms Nevid will be joined on a panel at the event and inspired at WakeUp Adelaide by four of her coaching clients who will share their journey – and success.

She hopes attendees will would take away some great tips to avoid burnout and get on track for a fulfilled life.

“I know our audience will all leave on their own conference high with a true sense of ‘I have choices and things I can do to reignite my spark’,” Ms Nevid said.

“We will also talk about what to do after the event, so the high doesn’t wear off.

“Participants will become part of a community where they can stay connected with other like-minded people who attend, who they can stay in contact with and help to make their goals happen.

“It’s not just any event, but a genuine movement to make a difference in people’s lives over a lifetime.”

Early bird tickets offering over 10 per cent off are available until October 21. Booking now is recommended to reserve your place and avoid disappoinment.

If you are interested in attending the event or want to find out more information, visit

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