Spaghetti Western Is A Classic Space With A No Nonsense Menu

When Spaghetti Western is teeming with patrons, you can expect a very lively atmosphere.


Echoing of restaurants often seen in the silver screen from the 70’s, Spaghetti Western Saloon is the perfect embodiment of American/Italian cuisine.

Located on King William Street, walking into the almost hidden doorway, you’re transported to a brick walled traditional venue. The three story space is chock full of seats, with the intention to fit the largest number of people. With the restaurant and bar teeming with patrons, you can expect a very lively atmosphere, perfect for groups.

The menu is distinctly hearty, with cheeses, meats and herbs in the forefront of each dish. Starters feature a hefty olives & dips option which are enough to feed a family. Haloumi fries which always please on a menu alongside hand rolled arancini balls with sweet potato, mushroom & spinach which were also winners.

You’d be bereft if you went to Spaghetti Western and not ordered a dish from the namesake. The classic spaghetti meatballs features pork and beef meatballs in Napoletana sauce which proves that simple recipes are often the best. The seafood linguini is the option for mussel lovers, coming with delectable prawns in amatriciana sauce. If you prefer creamy sauces then the fusilli rustico with chorizo or the salmon and soft-shell crab linguini are the perfect options. Rich but not too rich and bursting with flavour.

There are other options like BBQ beef ribs and toasted club sandwich for those not feeling the call of the pasta. There are also options for the vegetarians and gluten free afflicted so you don’t have to hesitate to book a table for the whole crew.

If you’re going, make sure you go hungry as the serving sizes are reminiscent of a grandparents’ ultimate goal to make you leave fuller than you’ve ever been.

While you’re there make sure you quench your thirst, Spaghetti Western has a great drinks list to match with your meals. Featuring a spectacular Maretti Langhe Rosso Nebbiolo, Sidewood Estate wines and more South Australian labels in the mix.

Eating at Spaghetti Western gave us a lively atmosphere, no nonsense dishes and some mean cocktails.

You can find Spaghetti Western at 111 King William St, Adelaide 5000.

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