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Zácary Desserts is the new cake business serving up Insta-worthy sweet treats

Former Zumbo’s Just Desserts contestant Zak Antoniou has moved back to Adelaide and is making cakes and sweet treats galore.

Zak Antoniou loves all things sweet.

That’s why he’s dedicated his life to creating sweet treats with his business, Zácary Desserts.

Zak specialises in mirror glazed cakes, entremets, and mousse cakes.

Mouth-watering material.

Readers might remember Zak as a contestant on the second season of Channel 7’s hit show Zumbo’s Just Desserts, which is currently available to stream on Netflix.

Zak says he thanks Adriano Zumbo for much of his knowledge and inspiration.

“It was definitely quite stressful to go through the challenges and replicate Zumbo’s desserts with the time constraint,” says Zak.

“I found myself in some elimination rounds which were quite overwhelming, but in the end, I learnt so much.”

Zak’s love for dessert started a long time before the baking reality competition.

He’s been making cakes for as long as he can remember.

“I have been blessed to have the name Zacharias, which literally translates to sugars so I suppose it’s all been quite a natural journey,” he says.

Zak’s signature cake, The Mati, pays homage to his Greek heritage, with the design of an ‘evil eye’ created from a delicious creamy chocolate mousse cake, filled with chocolate covered crisps, covered in a white chocolate mirror glaze on a hazelnut biscuit base.

Other highlights include the Black Velvet Lux (a mousse cake made with Caramilk and salted caramel crips), The Ocean Sea (dark chocolate mousse with raspberry jelly and white chocolate ganache), and the Mascarpone Cheesecake (with passionfruit jelly and dark chocolate ganache).

Having moved to Melbourne in 2007 to pursue a career in marketing, Zak moved back to Adelaide this year to put his everything into his passion.

‘Home is where the heart is, and I have been so overwhelmed by the food scene. Sometimes you think the big city’s are better but I am so lucky to be here in Adelaide,’ Zak says.

Zácary Desserts is currently a home-operated business, but Zak has plans to open a unique dessert and coffee shop in the near future.

“I imagine a minimalist, studio space with beautiful glass cabinets, so people can walk through and look at the cakes. It’ll be like an art gallery, so you can sit down, pick a cake, have a coffee and admire the artwork.”

Find Zácary Desserts on Instagram

You can order Zak’s cakes online here.

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