Trouble & Strife Cafe To Donate Proceeds To Taryn Brumitt’s New Body Image Film ‘Embrace Kids’

Trouble and Strife contributes a day of coffee sales every six months to a chosen cause. This month, it’s Taryn Brumfitt’s film project, ‘Embrace Kids’.

No child should hate their body.

This is the battle cry from Adelaide legend Taryn Brumfitt, the woman behind the global Body Image Movement, who is now using her driving force to help bring this important message into classrooms.

In 2012 Taryn was thrust into the spotlight, and on to the world stage, when she posted her nontraditional ‘before and after’ photo. She used the momentum her message gained, and premiered her documentary into body image ‘Embrace’ at the Sydney Film Festival in 2016.

Whilst the impact of Embrace the documentary has been enormous, sadly there is a generation of kids that no matter what we say or do, are struggling to find body acceptance.

She’s now on a mission to raise funds to make a documentary, specifically around body image for kids.

The film will be created for 8-12 year olds and given to schools across the globe as a FREE resource to educate and inspire the next generation to EMBRACE their bodies…

Adelaide cafe Trouble and Strife is totally on board with Taryn’s mission, and this Friday, 24 May, the Goodwood cafe will be donating 100 percent of their coffee sales towards Taryn Brumfitt’s film project ‘Embrace Kids’.

Embrace Kids will explore the relationship children have with their body image. The film will be given to schools free of charge and aims to cover topics including social media, photoshopping, ‘fitspiration’, and the impact of advertising on body image.

Image: Taryn Brumfitt

Clare Lennon, owner of Trouble and Strife, says, “the message here is we can see someone doing wonderful things. Taryn is a great person and we really want to support her.”

Image: Taryn Brumfitt

Trouble and Strife contributes a day of coffee sales every six months to a chosen cause. In the past, proceeds have gone to Save the Children’s Syrian Crisis and Catherine House, supporting Adelaide’s homeless women.

You can find Trouble and Strife at 123 Goodwood Rd, Goodwood SA 5034.

For more information and to support Taryn’s film, visit her GoFundMe page here.

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