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Colour Changing Violet Gin Now Supersized

Cast your mind back to the mood ring trend of yesteryear, with this new gin indeed referred to as the ‘mood ring of beverages.’


When the mood ring of beverages launched in May, Twenty Third Street Distillery’s colour changing violet gin became an instant success.

There was only one problem. The 200ml bottles just weren’t big enough, and the magical liquid within disappeared far too quickly!

There’s good news on the scene however, as Twenty Third Street have decided to launch the gin into their flagship 700mL bottle, giving you the chance to savour your new favourite sip a little longer.

Pure, smooth Australian sugarcane spirit is distilled with traditional juniper and Australian native botanicals, lemon myrtle, cinnamon myrtle, pepper berry, finger lime and wattle seed.

In terms of taste, think the familiar hint of juniper, juicy lingering zest, and peppery spice. 

Butterfly pea flowers are steeped in the liquid for 18 hours to bestow their natural blue tint. This is sensitive to pH and transforms to ultraviolet with added acidity such as tonic or lemon.

“We wanted to create a Gin with some added theatre, in a time where people are looking for some fun, the flair of Violet Gin provides a great choice for the novice at home mixologist,” says Gabrielle Millane, Assistant Brand Manager.

To experience the rather magical-sounding transformation, add 30mL Violet Gin to a glass with ice and top with Tonic Water.

To garnish, why not try dehydrated orange and rosemary. 

Violet Gin 700mL is now available to purchase online via Sippify and will officially launch at their Distillery in Renmark & Bar in North Adelaide on Friday, July 3. Limited bottles will be available in select retailers nationally.

Sippify Link to purchase:

The gin is the first in a new range of products, a range underpinned by “creativity and curiosity.”

Photography credit: Jarrad French

First published as This Gin Changes Colour When You Add Tonic – It’s Basically Magic on May 15th 2020.

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