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This is a Play Fringe 2010Odeon Theatre, Norwood
Tuesday March 9th 2010 (See Fringe guide for dates, times, etc.)

Presented by Theater Simple, Seattle. or 1300 FRINGE (374 643)

Bookings: Fringetix & Venuetix outlets

Three actors take us through their lines, stage directions and actions, as well as letting us into their thoughts about the play, themselves and one another, as they perform in a play about lettuces. It’s true, honestly, lettuces! Pamala Mijatov, Llysa Holland and Ricky Coates, with the voice of Andrew Litzky as ‘The Composer’, keep the audience in stitches as they deconstruct a performance of a play, within a play. Daniel MacIvors’s witty script, directed by Monique Kleinhans with a fine eye for every bit of comedy that the script offers, translates into one long string of laughs in the hands of these three great performers.

The comic timing of all three is spot on and the over the top physicality, blamed on the director within the play having “a dance background”, adds an extra layer of humour. Their individual performances are superb and their reactions to the script and to what the others are doing are hilarious. This is another one for all the family, with loads of good clean fun, a Theater Simple trademark.

If you have ever had any involvement in theatre, particularly as an actor or director, you will definitely want to catch this one, but don’t worry if you have never even seen a live play before as you will still get plenty of belly laughs out of this extremely funny production.

Reviewed by Barry Lenny, Glam Adelaide Arts Editor.

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