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This Is The Treatment You Want To Ask Your Hairdresser For

Instead of doing an at-home, amateur dye job because you’re sick of the mop on your head (we’ve all been there) read about a nifty product called the Redken pH Bonder. We’ve got the lowdown from Fön Salon’s Alex.


If you’ve previously gone lighter then you’d know the excitement pre-bleach, the first few weeks of glorious fresh hair and the inevitable and ensuing damage to your beloved locks.  

So instead of cutting your own fringe for the third time because you’re sick of the mop on your head (we’ve all been there) get to your salon and ask them about a nifty product on the market called the Redken pH Bonder. 

By being used during (not after) the lightening process, the bonder prevents your hair from being stripped of what makes it good and adds what makes it Insta worthy, ie. shine, strength, length, Beyonce like volume, Megan Fox shine, Jlo like highlights and that blowing in the wind effect at all times.

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So to find an answer to this painful cycle, we spoke to hair magician, Alex from Fön Salon, who uses the pH Bonder in almost every session to either keep your hairs integrity or bring it back from the brink of collapse. 

She tells us that it’s vital to use the bonder during lightening on hair that’s damaged. It’s also not a product that’s slapped into your hand with some vague instructions, it’s employed thoroughly during the colouring and treatment process by your stylist.

Hair envy is an affliction that affects 1 in 2 women (alright we might be exaggerating), BUT, it’s definitely what we’re thinking of when we scroll through Instagram and see the hair we could have.

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Lightening your hair doesn’t have to come with the accompanying (big) chop and the tears of seeing your hard grown strands on the salon floor because you had the audacity to go lighter than your genes intended.

Keep your long hair and go a few shades lighter or protect your hair against any colour! For more information on how the pH Bonder is used during sessions by talented hairdressers like Alex click HERE. Fon Salon are actually offering Glam Readers half price pH Bonder treatment during sessions for a limited time so that everyone can experience what good hair feels like.

And to afflict you with some more hair envy here are some photos of what your hair could look like:

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