This morning: Free webinar to help startups survive lockdown

The webinar is hosted by two small SA businesses that previously survived (and even thrived) during COVID-19 restrictions, Showcase SA and Culturise.

“Staying sane the second time around” is the slogan for a free Showcase SA online masterclass this morning that seeks to help startups “stay sane” and push through the lockdown slump. 

The wellbeing and adaptability-focused webinar, held today at 10:30am, is hosted by two SA businesses that previously survived (and even thrived) during COVID-19 restrictions, Showcase South Australia and Culturise. Due to their past experience, they’re excited to share their tips and tricks to help other small SA businesses do the same. 

This fast-paced, energising talk held by Culturise’s Jo Marshall will cover the adaptable workplace and new workplace norms, the rising importance of wellbeing, and how we can redefine wellbeing to drive high performance.

Culturise’s Jo Marshall helped SA small businesses through the first lockdown, and she’s teaming up with Showcase SA for this morning’s webinar to do it all over again. Following on from the hugely popular ‘Staying Sane in times of Uncertainty’ masterclass trainer, Jo is bringing her insights for the second time around.

Showcase SA is one of SA’s leading networking organisations and business connectors. While their webinars are usually exclusive to their ever-growing network of members, they opened up this morning’s masterclass to help out small businesses. 

“These times are undeniably some of the toughest the South Australian business community have ever had to deal with,” Showcase SA CEO Steve Testar says. 

“However, if there is one thing that we’re sure of right now, it’s of South Australia’s resilience and ability to bounce back from all manner of crises, especially COVID-19.”

Register for the free masterclass here.

For more information on Showcase SA, head to their website at

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