This Nail Spa Offers Pedicures Perfect For Pregnant Women

With pregnancy-friendly pedicures, MediPedi Nail Spa combines indulgent pampering with a specialised podiatry service.


Although Meghan Markle has been a constant purveyor of the classic, almost otherworldly pregnancy glow, we’re fairly sure she too would have experienced the common but often overlooked symptom of feet pain. 

With dry skin, an increased likelihood of callouses, and Edema, pregnancy isn’t easy on your feet. This is where MediPedi Nail Spa comes into the picture. Boasting pregnancy-friendly pedicures, the spa combines indulgent pampering with a specialised podiatry service. Started by podiatrists Georgie Jamieson and Tom Baker, spa services are performed to medical grade standards. 

The venue is completely safe to visit during your pregnancy, with services on hand to provide luxury treatments or advice to deal with any changes to your feet. MediPedi Nail Spa use pregnancy-safe nail polish Dazzle Dry, which is non-toxic and vegan, and no glue or acrylic (harmful fumes begone!).

The specialised, 3 Step Medical Pedicure includes a FootBath, Podiatrist Treatment, and Massage and Nail Paint, with Health Fund Rebates also available. 

Of course, the spa is also a welcoming, comfortable space for a bit of pampering after the baby has arrived. 

With venues in both Norwood and Unley, treat your feet and make a booking here.

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