This New Pasta Offering At City Cross Will Get You Through Your Work Week

This New Pasta Offering At City Cross Will Get You Through Your Work Week

At a crossroads when it comes to fixing that midday carb craving? Spaghetti Junction to the rescue!


Did someone say pasta?? If you’re anything like me, your ears prick up whenever you overhear people talking about lasagne, fettuccini, gnocchi, or spaghetti. Heck, it happens to us for anything carb-loaded, really. Lucky for us all, Spaghetti Junction has now opened up shop in City Cross Arcade, and it’s just like stepping foot into Little Italy with a menu of Italian-style street food filled with a whole lot of fun and tradition, and a huge, funky mural that’ll stop you in your tracks. The perfect solution for those lunchtime munchies on the run whether it’s “cheat day” or you just want something real and hearty that won’t break the bank especially right before Fringe starts.

We’ve sacrificed ourselves to try some dishes for you guys, and trust us – it was worth every bite! A few dishes that passed our lips and topped the list were the Fish out of Water pasta (super fresh Prawns, calamari and cockles in a white wine creamy sauce with spinach), Bacon with Bite pasta (onion and bacon fried up in a chilli and basil tomato-ey sauce that is also perfectly garlic-ey), SJ Special pizza (featuring salami, prosciutto AND bacon *yes, all three meats* along with some basil and cherry tomatoes), and the Chase the Chicken salad (usual fresh salad goodness topped with avocado, and tossed with chicken and a balsamic mustard seed dressing). There’s also a whole myriad of other yummy dishes on the menu to cater for all tastes.

Additionally, do not – I repeat, DO NOT – forget to order a coffee cone for dessert. Waffle cone. Melted chocolate. Your choice of coffee. Bellissimo! The only question we have is, can we have count this as our morning coffee?

Located at the Grenfell Street entrance of City Cross Arcade, it’s the perfect new local lunch spot if you’re looking for something a little different on your quest for a feed that’s quick yet packs a punch.

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