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New Restaurant Coming To Henley Has Slipped Under Everyone’s Radar

A new cafe set to open at Henley Beach will delight local beach bums and visiting city dwellers alike this December.

It’s no secret Henley square has been buzzing with news of the redevelopment and we’re so close to the finish line we’re already factoring it into our summer plans.

With the opening of Melt, a new fish and chip shop and a rooftop bar, it’s shaping up to be a hot spot for locals and tourists alike. But there’s a secret cherry on top of this vibrant new space that we’ve barely heard a peep about…until now.

Acacia is set to open in a prime location to the side of Henley square. While the restaurant has managed to slip under the radar during all the redevelopment hype, the addition of Acacia will be the final thread in the food tapestry of Henley come December.

The name Acacia comes from the beach side blossom. In its essence it is coastal, fresh, stable and seasoned. The cafe will boast a casual yet sophisticated vibe. Whether it be early breakfast with an OJ in hand, or an afternoon lunch with a bottle of Pinot to share, the space will delight everyone from local beach bums to visiting city dwellers.

Acacia has promised to deliver the ultimate west side eatery experience for all customers. With a focus on fresh seafood, the innovative menu will source seasonal produce from South Australia and pull flavours all the way from Peru.

Offering breakfast and lunch, you can expect to dig into a contemporary menu featuring all the breakfast necessities, plus some inspired delicacies such as the traditional ceviche dish with a twist.

The best part?

You’ll be able to order a beach side picnic package online and feast on the foreshore, a Godsend during those busy summer months or for those who absolutely despise a queue (uh, us).

Owner Elisa Mercurio says they had their eyes set on the space since their relocation from Sydney.

“Henley Beach almost becomes an extension of your backyard for us in the western suburbs. There is a great culture surrounding the area and it really does have something for everyone.”

“We are thrilled to have such a great spot and we are certainly going to be in good company,” Mercurio says.

The installation of South Australia’s first Modbar machine will be a real draw card for coffee lovers, giving baristas full control to manipulate the coffee by using variable amounts of pressure.

“Modbar from La Marzocco allows you to control the pressure of the water while you’re brewing. Being modular it really does break down the barrier between the barista and the customer. The barista is right there in front of the customer. The groups are built into the bar with the machinery under the counter.” Mercurio says.

However they will also be across alternative brewing methods, including filter for those who enjoy a light
fruitful clean, delicate brew.

Acacia will open its doors to the public on 8 December. Trust us, it’ll be worth the wait! We’ll update you with more info and photos as we get them. Stay tuned.

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