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This New Sushi Train’s Design Is Inspired By A Japanese Subway Station

And it also sells desserts decorated like Minions from Despicable Me!


Short lunch break? Sushi train. Broken heart? Sushi train. Celebration? Sushi train. Fancy date night? Sushi train. Can’t be bothered cooking? Sushi train. Bored? Sushi train.

Sushi train is the answer to everything.

There’s just something so soothing about the constant rotation of the conveyer belt and the smell of miso and sesame in the air. Sushi train can do no harm.

Except, perhaps, for the very last plate you eat which always seems to tip you over the edge into “so full, I’ll die” territory. And, potentially, the terrifying dip back into second grade mathematics when you have to calculate the value of your plates.

We’re getting carried away. The point is, we’ve got joyous news for sushi lovers — a new sushi train!

Kyoto Sushi recently opened in Rundle Mall Plaza and features a fancy kaiten-zushi conveyer belt imported from Japan, plus an interesting interior inspired by a Japanese train station.

Having opened to cater for office workers around Rundle Mall, the space is a great spot to swing by for a quick lunch during the week.

You can find Kyoto Sushi in the Rundle Mall Plaza food court.

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