This New Vermouth Rosé Is The Answer To Your Summer Cocktail Prayers

Spice up your life with this new Vermouth Rosé.


First they gave us a soul-warming Spiced White Rum, then it was the velvety smooth Virgin Apple Spirit, now the geniuses from Adelaide Hills Distillery have just brought out a brand new Vermouth Rosé that is guaranteed to tickle your tastebuds.

Don’t be fooled by the pretty-in-pink wine bottle, this little baby definitely belongs in your spirit cabinet — or in my case, the one shelf on my bookcase I’ve arranged into a ‘booze shrine’. It’s tasty enough it can be had on the rocks, in a cocktail, or our personal favourite, in a G&T.

Described as a “McLaren Vale Chenin Blanc foundation with the deep red fruit and spicy pepper characteristics… the Rosé Vermouth is aged in a mixture of old oak and stainless steel with our distinctive 40/60 traditional/modern Torino blend that complements the fruit driven palate.”

Translation? It’s fruity and spicy and DELICIOUS.

Already proving to be a popular choice among local venues (pop into Proof Bar and try their latest vermouth concoction), the Vermouth Rosé is bringing a fresh sensation back into your cocktails this spring. Whether you use it in martinis for that extra edge, or simply serve it over ice with soda, each sip will have you asking “where can I get more?”

You can pick up a bottle at East End Social’s Vogue Fashion Wrap Party. Not only can you quench your Vermouth thirst, you can also spend the day enjoying sweet tunes, fashion and food. Not to mention gorging on alllll the cocktails.

To find out more about the new Vermouth range from Adelaide Hills Distillery visit

To find out more about the East End Social’s Vogue Fashion Wrap Party and purchase a ticket click here.

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