This Norwood Cafe is Holding A Pasta, Plants, And Prosecco Day, And Yes, Our Dreams Have Been Realised

The Lost Deli, a vegan cafe in Norwood, is opening its doors and serving up pasta, plants, and prosecco for one day and one day only.


A little vegan cafe, nestled in the side streets of Norwood, light, bright, and known for its serves of glorious, moreish vegan food.

This is The Lost Deli, and on November 30, it is playing host to a Pasta, Plants, and Prosecco Day.

The cafe, which was recently taken over by husband and wife team, Josie and Gen, is big on utilising locally sourced ingredients to produce 100% plant-based dishes, coffee, and juices. According to The Lost Deli’s customer base, must-try menu items include the vegan gnocchi, arancini balls, beyond burgers, and hotdogs.

In terms of the upcoming Pasta, Plant, and Prosecco Day, tickets are inclusive of a main serving of vegan pasta (with a choice of three sauces) along with a glass of prosecco. After eating, guests are encouraged to head outdoors and check out the plants for sale in Markus Hamence’s pop-up shop.

Guests who have purchased tickets are free to head to The Lost Deli for their meal any time between 12pm and 3pm on the Saturday, however the plants will be on sale all weekend.

You can find The Lost Deli at 38 Charles St, Norwood.

For tickets to Pasta, Plants, and Prosecco Day, see here.

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