This Wine Club Just For Mums Is Too Perfect

From two years of success in McLaren Vale and with over 300 mums already sign up, the Mummy’s Wine Club are about to make the move into the CBD. Because there is NOBODY who deserves wine more than a mum.

Imagine a crèche where you can have a glass of pinot. Or a playground catch up with a bottle of shiraz. How about a primary school parent/teacher meeting where everything is greeted by a glass of bubbles?

Quite seriously, can you honestly tell us that these experiences wouldn’t be improved with wine?

This is the sort of free-spirit behind the Mummy’s Wine Club, created out of McLaren Vale. The club has been now going strong for two years, driven by co-founder Becky Hirst who says the club’s popularity is built on a “win win for all involved”. And we’d believe her. The community engagement consultant by day has been successfully bringing together southern Adelaide mums to have fun, while demystifying wine and spirits in an atmosphere of responsible drinking.

Mummy’s Wine Club is actually an offshoot of a business Becky and her partner, Daniel Procter, set up to inspire families to explore and enjoy local wine regions called Winey Kids. And like all ideas, it started with Hirst reaching out to find supporters from within the industry. “Back when Mummy’s Wine Club was just an idea, I needed a venue and took the nerve-wracking leap of approaching the Salopian Inn. It turned out the lovely people at the Inn already followed Winey Kids via social media and loved our work! So they jumped straight on board without hesitation and started us off by contacting winemakers that they knew would be happy to be involved.”

“Since then we’ve run 24 sell out events at the Salopian Inn, plus some other events which we branded as ‘extra-curricular’ such as a pre-vintage walkabout in the vines with Corrina Wright at Oliver’s Taranga and a visit to the very cool Five O’Clock Somewhere bar with winemaker Jess Hardy. We also tested the market in the Adelaide Hills my hosting an event at Shaw & Smith which included a winery tour and tasting led by winemaker Adam Wadewitz. That was probably the moment where I realized that wine loving Mums are in fact everywhere!”

With the momentum growing Mummy’s Wine Club are set to find a new central home for the coming year, partnering up with fellow wine enthusiasts The Henry Austin. The CBD restaurant and bar will host the club’s latest event and launch of the expanded club this month.

Of the expansion, Becky is excited to collaborate further with wine lovers. “I hope to bring some of the winemakers along that we’ve featured at the McLaren Vale club but in teaming with The Henry Austin we’ll also be including wineries from other regions across SA which means the club will be exposed to a really great diversity of wines.”

“Whilst the McLaren Vale club has included over 300 Mums to date, the majority of them have been based in southern Adelaide. So I’m really looking forward to getting to know a new group of wine loving Mums. A personal goal is also to continue to work alongside the wine industry and for Mummy’s Wine Club to be acknowledged as a great opportunity for wineries to exclusively present their wines direct to the consumer. We believe we’ve hit on a really great niche market that gives them access to engaging with real life wine lovers! We see their evening of presenting to the Mums just the start in an ongoing connection between the participants and their brand.”

Having just returned from a short break having a baby herself, Becky is eager to discover new vintages from 2016 and well as share her recommendation for Mum’s new to wine.

“If you’re just starting out I’d suggest staying away from anything too complex or heavy. Enjoying wine really comes down to personal taste – if you like a particular wine, drink it. If you don’t, don’t! There’s so much snobbery around winetasting and it can be off putting. The nice thing about Mummy’s Wine Club is that you can push your personal boundaries, try new styles and learn some of those wine terms if you want to sound like you know what you’re talking about in the future!”

“From the wines we’ve previously had presented at Mummy’s Wine Club, there was widespread enjoyment of the Chalk Hill Moscato (presented to us by brothers Tom and Jock Harvey who recommend serving it in a big glass with a splash of gin, ice, mint, some wedges of lime and a splash of blood orange juice!) – spritzy, fruity and ideal for an upcoming spring afternoon!”

“And if you’re feeling brave, or in need of that big, bold red that will really put a tough day of Mummying behind you, go for a classic McLaren Vale Shiraz. Oliver’s Taranga have a great selection that will hit you with fruity spicey goodness.”

Mummy’s Wine Club will debut at The Henry Austin on October 6 with Wayne Farquhar from Dell’uva Wines to host the evening. For more information be sure check out the Facebook event here. To find out more about Winey Kids, visit their website, or their Facebook, and follow The Henry Austin just because they’re awesome.

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