Three Reasons Electra House Has Us Coming Back For More

Let us lay it out for you…..


Electra House has gone from strength to strength since its fabulous opening a year ago. With a passion to always keep things fresh, different and of a superior standard on the Adelaide scene, they have continually evolved over their short time. 2016 is already set to be no exception.

So we’ve laid out why team Glam can’t get enough of Lady Electra, and what this temptress has got that keeps us coming back for more…

Next Level Events

Honestly these guys do events that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the Kardashians and Prince Harry (or whoever else is your glamourous lavish celebrity of choice) would be proud of.

This Sunday saw the first major event to launch Sundays at Electra House and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Sponsored by top shelf Belvedere Vodka the Diamonds and Ice party was a lavish afternoon. But let’s be fair (and totally honest) lead into an eventful evening.

Electra House

It saw the grand main room adorned with glittering fairy lights, confetti cannons, bubble and smoke machines. It looked like a fairytale. Gracing the bar were two giant ice sculptures, one of which doubled as an ice luge, so guests could enjoy their Belvedere shots icy cold.

Electra House
Because every party should have an ice sculpture.

So that’s the ice part of the title… what about the diamonds? That’s right, Electra were giving away diamonds at their party! They came in the form of a stunning triangular Shiels necklace that had everyone desperate to win. We’re disappointed to announce it did not fall in the lap of Team Glam. Better luck next time.

Electra House

If this was party number one, we can’t wait to see what the rest bring.

Fantastic Food

Electra hits us with the double whammy of food treats. They’ve recently launched their new bar menu, which is nothing short of incredible. Our faves are the Electra Fried Chicken (largely because we love a sneaky pun) and the Fairy Bread for grown ups for dessert.

Scampi ceviche.
Scampi ceviche.

BUT there’s more to come. We adored Electra’s high end restaurant Olea and we’re sad to see its doors close. However, much like Britney circa 2009, or Justin Bieber circa the last 6 months, we love a comeback. So we’re sitting on the edge of our seats for new five star restaurant Level One, which is set to be opening in February (hallelujah)! We’ll keep you updated on progress, don’t you worry.

Level One Bar.
Level One Bar.

Gin and Tonics

Now we love a good gin, and they have some of THE BEST. Gone are the days of your Nan drinking Gordons’. Gin and Tonics are now so much sexier, and more delicious.

So it goes without saying that one of Adelaide’s sexiest venues has an entire page of their generally succinct drinks list dedicated to the not so humble G&T. Garnished with treats such as juniper berries, thyme sprigs and grapefruit peel, these ain’t no standard beverages. They’re even pretty to just sit and look at.

Like we said, even just pretty to look at. Photo by @carolliinec_
Like we said, even just pretty to look at. Photo by @carolliinec_

In addition, their cocktail list is spectacular, with their Espresso Martinis being one of our faves out of all of those that we have tried around Adelaide, seriously. And we have tried a few (ok a lot).

And just to be even more vogue you can now get yourself bottle service. Like we said… you’ll feel like the Kardashians, Real Housewives and royalty, but probably still remain classier than all three combined.

We could go on and on, but we’ll save it and just assure you that this venue is the crème de la crème. Get yourself along to the next big event, nibble on some chicken and sip on the best G&T you’ve ever tasted. You’ll have no regrets. We sure didn’t.

Electra House

131 – 139 King William Street, Adelaide

Monday – Thursday [11am – 12am]
Friday – Saturday [11am – 3am]

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