Throw away the sofa and embrace a pop-up life!

We live in an era where things are becoming increasingly transient and impermanent. No longer is a sofa a long term purchase, with the trusty Klippan from Ikea coming in at circa $300 why can’t you change your seating with your mood? In a recent online video blog, Adelaide research agency Square Holes called this phenomenon “serendipity”, and while I love the word I’m going to use the term “pop-up” to simplify what I’m on about!

With the Adelaide Fringe in full swing we can see examples of pop-up art appearing all over the city.

Format Festival is a great example, moving into Peel Street and revamping an unused space for a short term series of exhibitions and events and even VB are getting in on the act with their Popup Pub but I’m not sure if I’ll be scrapping my local for that!

Format Festival Mural

Format's Pop Up Mural - these guys work fast

A lot of people may bemoan this decreased value in permanence, but I think it’s an amazing and very powerful idea which really taps into how we are living our lives. Take away food, throw away furniture so why not throw away venues! With popup venues come popup marketing campaigns and one of the best ways to do this quickly and cheaply is online. We can already see people using Facebook like the organisers of a popup festival just off Grenfell street in Adelaide.

As the concept evolves it will bring with it new thinking and processes to support popup websites to give event and festival organisers more freedom and potential to promote. As with a traditional business a social networking space can only take you so far in building an image and concept for your product, so the next logical progression is to create attractive and inexpensive “throw away” websites to fit the bill.

What are your favourite pop up venues, art installations or websites? Let us know and feel free to contact LightBulb Digital to plan your next popup online project!

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