Ticketmaster accounts allegedly hacked by dark web group

A dark web group are alleged to be behind the hack of more than 500 million Ticketmaster and Live Nation customer details.

Millions of Ticketmaster and Live Nation customers are involved in an alleged dark web hack, with the hackers trying to sell the information for a reported $US500,000.

It is currently unknown if any Australian’s are caught up in the data breach.

It is further reported the Dark web group Shiny Hunters claim to be the group behind the hack and are allegedly in possession of names addresses, contact details, credit card information, ticket orders, credit card details and fraud information from a total of 560 million details.

Should the information be compromised, it could lead to significant challenges for individuals affected by the breach, such as financial fraud and identity theft.

Ticketmaster, a subsidiary of Live Nation, operates in 32 countries globally. In Australia and New Zealand alone, it serves over five million customers.

A spokesperson for the Australian Department of Home Affairs said the department “is aware of a cyber incident impacting Ticketmaster”.

“The National Office of Cyber Security is engaging with Ticketmaster to understand the incident,” the spokesperson said.

“Specific enquiries relating to this incident should be directed to Ticketmaster.”

This isn’t the first time where Aussie consumers find themselves entangled in a hack attributed to ShinyHunters. Just last year, personal data of 193,000 Pizza Hut customers was accessed by ShinyHunters, resulting in a leak.

In 2009, Live Nation, initially an events promoter, revealed its decision to merge with Ticketmaster, the foremost ticket seller globally for live music, sports, and theatre events. The amalgamation formed the company now known as Live Nation Entertainment and sells a reported more than 500 million tickets every year.

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