Tie Yourself To A Mate And Tackle One Of These Challenges For Charity

Could you go for a run along the Torrens, or perhaps do the shopping, or play golf, or go on a pub crawl – all while you’re tied to a mate?


Could you go for a run along the Torrens while tied to a mate? Or perhaps do the shopping, or play golf, or go on a pub crawl – all while you’re tied together at the leg?

If you thought the skills you developed during all those three-legged races back at primary school would never come in handy – think again.

The 3 Legged Challenge is on in March, challenging South Aussies to pick a task to do tied together, and to raise money for charity along the way.

The challenge is the initiative of four South Australian carer charities, who are working together to help ease the burden on unpaid carers.

There are nearly a quarter of a million of unpaid carers in South Australian alone, which means that one in every six South Aussies is caring for a family member or a friend every day. And of those, around 34,000 are young people and school students aged under 25.

To take part in the 3 Legged Challenge, you just need to work out what you want to do tied together. They’ve got plenty of suggestions on their website, or you can come up with your own. The only rule is to use common sense – no driving, operating machinery or attempting anything that could be a danger to you or others.

You name where you’ll do it and when (although they’d prefer you’d do it between March 22-24). Then share your sponsorship page so friends and family will sponsor you, and on the big day, tie yourselves together and get cracking on your challenge.

(And just a heads up. For every $100 you raise, you’ll earn a toilet break during your challenge – it’s hard to keep your legs crossed if you’re tied together.)

Carer Support, Carers SA, Carers & Disability Link, and Northern Carers Network will use the money raised to give carers a chance to recharge their batteries and have the break they deserve.

To register, set your challenge, and grab your free fundraising pack, (including your special leg-tie and t-shirt) head to 3leggedchallenge.com.au.

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