Tiff Manuell’s New Norwood Store Is An Art Deco Dream

An artist with decades of experience and two businesses under her belt, Tiff launched her eponymous brand over six years ago, and now she unveils her new store.

Images courtesy of Tiff Manuell

South Australian artist, Tiff Manuell has launched a new store and it’s honestly the stuff of dreams for those who are into wearable art and have a particular love for art deco.

An artist with decades of experience and two businesses under her belt, Tiff launched her eponymous brand specialising in wearable art over six years ago.

Tiff took to creating wearable art as it enabled her to combine all of her passions including painting, making, sewing, and most of all, working with lots and lots of colour.

Tiff Manuell Shop 2

Tiff relies a lot on instinct when it comes to creating her bold and brilliantly coloured pieces, which not only keeps her designs fresh and ever-evolving with the times but also ensures that every piece she creates is completely unique.

“My artwork has always been bold and bright and expressive. Rather abstract I guess,” says Tiff, who finds inspiration in the most arbitrary ways.

“My inspiration comes from everywhere. I love interiors and eras of architecture and design across all disciplines. I also just love pop culture and internet trailing for design inspo. It feeds in from everywhere. I then hope some how I make it my own by the time paint comes to canvas.”

Tiff and her team were motivated to open up a permanent brick and mortar store after discovering just how much people enjoyed seeing the pieces come together whilst visiting their old studio in Unley.

Tiff also enjoyed the retail experience as it provided her with the ability to connect with like-minded individuals and help them find their dream piece.

“I paint for myself as a guilty pleasure but seeing the emotional attachment that it has created with people became the extra magic,” she says.

So, after outgrowing her Unley studio, opening up a permanent space where people could come check out her lively designs was really a no-brainer for Tiff and her team.

Tiff’s Norwood-based shop sells a huge range of bespoke goodies including tote bags, clutches, jewellery, key rings, clothing, paintings and more-all in Tiff’s vibrantly coloured signature prints.

Tiff Manuell Shop 4

There is even a range of stunning handcrafted greeting cards to surprise a loved with on a number of occasions.

Open six days a week, the decor at Tiff’s new retail space is a work of art within itself with all its vibrant colours and art deco fit-out-which was all put together by Tiff and her husband.

“With COVID isolation, my Hubby and I decided the project had to be ours alone, rather than bring the workmen in and the associated trades we would handle it ourselves,” she says.

“We wanted to include our store idea but make more of an effort to give it that polished edge, still inviting and interactive and fun shopping experience. I love that people can step into our world for a bit.”

The Tiff Manuell store will feature her products, her art, and will be open weekdays from 11am to 4pm, and Saturdays from 11am to 2pm.

Find Tiff Manuell’s new store at 10A King Street, Norwood.

Head to the Tiff Manuell website to check out the incredible designs at

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