Tim Campbell goes old school!

Tim Campbell goes old school!

About to head off on a tour of Australia, entertainment hearthrob Tim Campbell took time out of his busy schedule to speak with Glamadelaide about his career, upcoming tour, and what makes him tick.



About to head off on a tour of Australia, entertainment heartthrob Tim Campbell took time out of his busy schedule to speak with Glamadelaide about his career, upcoming tour, and what makes him tick.

Having recently returned from Las Vegas, Tim Campbell is understandably excited to be treading the boards again in his High School Disco tour.

The charming, instantly recognisable entertainer is mostly known for his roles as Dan Baker in Home and Away, and Tom in House Husbands but has also made an impression as a stage performer in musicals including Shout (as Johnny O’Keefe) and Wicked (as Fiyero)

Refreshingly, fame has certainly not impacted on his persona and he comes across as genuinely down to earth, articulate, and a lovely guy!

On his motivation for the High School Disco tour, Tim says he’s been doing this kind of thing with his band for a while and simply loves it. “People say (of the show) it’s nice to go back to that era, but I never really left it- once you’ve been in the 80’s you never leave!” (laughs). We reminisce about the 80’s and the ‘dagginess’ of it, of times spent wearing pastels, mullets, and sitting at a paused tape recorder attempting to record songs from the radio. Campbell says that “once you hear the opening riff of a song from then, it instantly brings back great memories of school, events and from our youth, when things were easy and carefree”. 

Having plied his hand at bands, stage and TV, Campbell readily admits to enjoying all mediums of entertainment but says he would choose singing with a band over a musical because it allows for a certain creative freedom, and that TV Drama is more of a technical creativity so in some ways prefers that to stage. “There’s something I love about each medium, and I’ve been lucky to not have had to choose as timing’s worked for me”.

We talk about which TV experience has been the standout for Tim, to which he replies “Home and Away was definitely one that was a huge experience and sometimes difficult, it’s basically a production factory where you film 5 half hour episodes per week, which is basically a feature length film. You really had to be on top of your game.

I also played a rape victim in Wildside back in 2000, and that challenged me as an actor because of the emotional power game aspect”.

Hoping to dazzle his audiences at Adelaide’s Cabaret Festival, Tim Campbell is keen to maximise on his singing strengths and also explore new genres of music.

But for the time being, High School Disco has his undivided attention. So what can we expect from this show? “People can expect a lot of reminiscing, I really hope that people take themselves back to their High School days and just immerse themselves in it, as well as remember the good times…and get involved and have fun! Ladies, leave the heels home and bring your Dunlop volleys!”

Tim is quite philosophical about his future, and likes to remains in control of his destiny and create his own opportunities. Such has been the case with High School Disco. “Luckily I have a great Music team who’ve been behind me and really accommodating. I love being able to take control of what we do, and it makes me love it even more”.

 On life at home, Tim mentions that things have been hectic, with his partner Anthony Callea being also busy with his own show singing the songs of George Michael. “It’s great we’re both busy, it’s not good when you’re both sitting at home twiddling one’s thumbs- which thankfully isn’t that often- as much as we love mundane suburbia we like to get out too!”

There’s nothing mundane about Tim Campbell, and to get a sneak peek of what to expect from High School disco check out the promo here.

You won’t want to miss this show!


High School Disco will be playing at the Festival Centre on June 12 & 13

Ticket info and further details including how to buy the High School Disco album can be found at:




Interviewed by Darren Hassan 14 May 2014



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