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Tim Tam Beer Is The Love Child Of Our Favourite Things

If you love a good Tim Tam Slam, why not try doing it with this new beer – which has been designed for that very purpose.

We all love the ol’ Tim Tam Slam. You know, when you nibble the ends off your Tim Tam, then suck your coffee up through the biscuit, before devouring the now semi-melted, coffee drenched, chocolately treat whole. It’s definitely one way of making coffee even better. A true winner.

So when an idea popped into the creative minds at Big Shed Brewing, of creating a BEER that would taste even better when sucked through a Tim Tam, a new experimental brew was born.

Created ahead of the upcoming Great Australasian Beer Spectacular which will be kicked off in Brisbane on April 27th, before heading to Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland this month, the Tim Tam beer, is sure to turn a few heads.

The milk coffee stout has been brewed to compliment the Tim Tam Slam, with the two pairing perfectly together, like MAFS and lip fillers.

Craig Basford, Co-Founder & Director at Big Shed says “it’s been designed to be enjoyed as a stand-alone beer but it’s more fun if sucked through a Tim Tam.”

But how does it taste? It’s a sweet chocolate, caramel and biscuit milk stout with cocoa and fresh roasted coffee. You can expect a grain bill loaded with sweet caramel, chocolate, toffee and biscuit malts with low bitterness, medium body and laced with Dutch cocoa.

The Big Shed brewers then added freshly roasted coffee from their mates at Prestwood Coffee to emulate slamming your coffee through a Tim Tam.

Genius no?

It’s no surprise the Big Shed have come up with this delicious concept beer, after all, they were the brains behind a Golden Gaytime inspired Stout called “Golden Stout Time”.

Golden Stout Time was made to invoke old memories and leave new ones. A hearty stout infused with toffee and honeycomb and light on hops, taking you back to childhood summers spent enjoying Golden Gaytime ice-creams. Despite its origins in the iconic summer treat, it is best enjoyed in the depths of winter. Let it take you back while at the same time feeling better about the now.

As for the Tim Tam beer? Once the Great Australasian Beer Spectacular has run its course, it will be available in limited edition kegs at select SA locations including The Franklin, Cry Baby, Keg & Barrel, Earl of Leicester, Kings Head/Sturt St Cellars & of course, Big Shed Brewing.

Big Shed Brewing Concern is at Unit 13, 2 Brandwood Street, Royal Park.

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