Tips To Beat The Heat At Tonight’s James Taylor Concert

With the mercury forecast to tip over 42 degrees, you’ll want to do everything you can to stay cool.

If you’re one of the thousands of people heading to Botanic Park tonight to catch James Taylor in concert under the stars, you’ll want to read this.

With the mercury forecast to tip over 42 degrees, you’ll want to do everything you can to stay cool.

Luckily for concert-goers, Botanic Park is filled with fabulous, shady trees, and there will be plenty of cool refreshments on hand – but here’s our hot tips (see what we did there) on how to beat the heat.

  1. Arrive early to nab a spot in the shade. Those trees will be amazing for shade, but if you’re not underneath them, you’ll have a scorching afternoon.
  2. Find the big electric fans that will be set up around the concert grounds. They will be your new favourite thing today.
  3. Find the free water stations that will also be set up around the grounds. A must in this weather, particularly as you’ll be limited to bringing in one sealed bottle of water per person. At least this way you can refill your bottle!
  4. Head to Kmart and buy one of their hand-held misting fans. It will be the smartest thing you’ve done this Summer.
  5. You can’t bring an umbrella or sun shade, so wear a hat and bring sunscreen. It’s the smart choice, seriously.
  6. Small quantities of food are allowed in soft chiller bags only – eskies and baskets / hampers will not be permitted. Make the most of it and bring some ice or freezer blocks if you can. It all helps when it’s this hot!
  7. If you’re bringing a picnic, make sure you remember cutlery – plastic cups and plastic cutlery are the only type permitted.
  8. Take note of the strictly NO BYO ALCOHOL, non-alcoholic drinks and no soft drinks (sealed bottles of water only) – this is a licensed event. Having said that, there will be lots of ice cold drinks available to buy – so suss out the locations of your closest bar to make the most of their refrigerated options.

Gates open at 4.30pm tonight but don’t wait to come until the sun sets, James Taylor is on stage at 8.15pm.

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