Tired, Hungover or Stressed? There’s A New Drink To Cure That

This is basically like liquid gold.


Pressed juice, smoothies, sugared up power drinks and flavoured water have had their time to shine. But one thing that’s missing from all of them are quality ingredients designed to make you feel better. We’re all tired, over worked, hungover and are beat after a great work out and there’s not really anything out there to combat that. Until now.

Roll together a couple of brilliant Adelaide entrepreneurs, sports heroes and a nutritionist and you have a cracker recipe for a functional beverage (functional just means there are added health benefits due to the properties of the ingredients used).

It’s called UTONIC.

Founders Toby Yap, Leigh Morgan, Tyson Goldsack and Michael Brinkley woke up to the realisation that it should be possible to lead a healthy life while also achieving their daily goals in a high-pressure, fast-paced work and social environment. The team began researching functional foods and creating a product that could meet these needs, without any unnatural side-effects.

The result is a range of scientifically blended drinks produced from concentrated real foods and targeted nutrients, to help transform the way you feel. UTONIC drinks are designed to work as part of real daily life, proving that it is possible to take control and transform the way you feel, without added sugar, preservatives, chemical highs or negative side effects.

You’ve got three flavours to choose from which are recommended to combat for different things:

  • UTONIC Charge – great for a pick me up during the day or even before or after they gym.
  • UTONIC Repair – refuel after a big training session or even after a big night out with Repair
  • UTONIC Calm – perfect for when you’re under the pump and feeling stressed out. They recommend having Calm after dinner before bed.

Emily Walker, who heads up the UTONIC science and research team, is an accredited sports dietitian, working with elite athletes across many sporting disciplines. She’s also the Sports Performance Dietitian at Collingwood Football Club, Magpies Netball Club and Melbourne Victory Football Club so it’s legit. We’re pretty comfortable trusting her word.

FYI to all you pro-athletes out there – UTONIC have even gone to the extent of having drinks tested by a NATA accredited laboratory to ensure there are no WADA prohibited substances. Winning.

You can grab a bottle of UTONIC at any one of these stockists here, head to their website to buy online or order a direct delivery to your home/office/gym on UberEats.

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