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Toast to National Whisky Sours Day in these Adelaide cocktail bars

Wednesday 25th August is National Whisky Sours Day in the US, so if this is your favourite tipple, check out our guide to some of the best sours on offer in Adelaide.

Feature Image: NOLA Instagram.

This simple cocktail is much-loved by cocktail connoisseurs the world over, made up of just a base spirit, water, sugar and citrus, but leaving you with a tasty tipple sure to quench any thirst. 

First loved by sailors travelling the high seas in the 1900s, the Whisky Sour even has a National Day dedicated to it in the US, Wednesday 25 August, just incase you needed a reason to trawl through some of Adelaide’s best loved cocktail haunts to sample a few. 

Whether you’re after a classic Whisky Sours, or feeling slightly more adventurous, check out our guide to some of Adelaide’s best cocktail bars serving their take on the drink.


Made with Buffalo Trace Bourbon and a freshly squeezed lemon, the team at NOLA tested countless versions of the Whisky Sour before landing on their signature serve: on the rocks with a dash of aromatic bitters and some dehydrated citrus. 

Swapping out the egg white for a plant based substitute the Whisky Sours at NOLA are even vegan friendly. 

For something a little different, you can also add a little red wine to the mix to create a New York Sour with an amazing pink hue. 

Both NOLA’s classic Whisky Sour and New York Sour will set you back $20 each. 

Keep up with NOLA’s latest news and offers here.

Find NOLA at 28 Vardon Avenue, Adelaide.

The Howling Owl

Image: The Howling Owl.

One of the East End’s favourite cocktail dens The Howling Owl is celebrating National Whisky Sour Day with a dedicated Whisky Sour Happy Hour all week from 7 – 8pm. 

Blending Maker’s Mark with their signature sour syrup, your Whisky Sour will be whipped up by superstar bartender Kiren, created with a blend of beetroot, strawberries, pear and winter spices – the perfect warming sour for any cold winter evenings. 

Typically $19, in the Happy Hour deal you can grab yourself two Winter Whisky Sours for $30. 

Keep up to date with The Howling Owl’s latest offers and events here.

Find The Howling Owl at 10 Vaughan Place, Adelaide.

Therapy Cocktail Bar

Image: Therapy Cocktail Bar

Found on Adelaide’s resident party lane Peel Street, Therapy Cocktail Bar have an endless supply of epic cocktails to be tried, including their Rye Sour.

The Jim Beam Rye whiskey that acts as the cocktail’s base gives the drink an extra spice and richness, balanced out exquisitely with a squeeze of citrus and sprinkle of vanilla sugar.

You can get yourself a Rye Sour for $20 per serve.

Keep up to date with Therapy Cocktail Bar’s latest offers and events here.

Find Therapy Cocktail Bar at 2 Peel St, Adelaide. 

2KW Bar & Restaurant

Image: 2KW Bar & Restaurant.

If you want to enjoy your Whisky Sour with one of the best views in Adelaide, head to 2KW Bar & Restaurant for an international twist on the classic cocktail. 

With an extensive back bar filled with a stunning line up of Japanese whiskeys including Toki, Yamazaki and Hakashu, 2KW’s talented team of bar experts can create a completely unique Whisky Sours to suit your taste, including a dash of lemon juice and Yuzu. 

If you prefer to play it safe with your cocktail of choice, 2KW’s classic Whisky Sour is made with Monkey Shoulder. 

A Japanese Whisky Sour starts from $24. 

Keep up to date with 2KW’s latest offers and events here.

Find 2KW at 2 King William St, Adelaide. 

Bar Peripheral

You could be forgiven for missing Pulteney Street’s mysterious 12-seater cocktail bar completely. This dark, secretive venue is reserved for those who are serious about their cocktails, with a secret door knocker and dim-lit interior keeping the focus entirely on each meticulously-created tipple.

Ask for Aimee’s Absolute Sour for a magical blend of Irish whisky, Suze, pineapple juice, lemon juice and a dash of absinthe.

You can find Aimee’s Absolute Sour for $21.

Keep up to date with Bar Peripheral’s latest news here.

Find Bar Peripheral at 447 Pulteney St, Adelaide. 

5 Nines

If you fancy yourself an amateur bartender and want to whip up a Whisky Sour of your own in celebration of the drink’s National Day, why not create a homemade Whisky Sour with Adelaide brand 5 Nines who use their VR001 Unpeated Vatted Whisky for a cocktail that is simply *chef’s kiss*. 

You will need: 

60ml VR001 Unpeated Vatted Whisky 

20ml of lemon juice

15ml sugar syrup

15ml egg white 


Add the whisky, lemon juice, sugar syrup and egg white to a shaker, and shake for 30 seconds without ice. 

Add ice to the mixture and shake again until well chilled. 

Stain into a glass of your choice and garnish with three or four drops of Angostora bitters. 

You can buy your own bottle of this Adelaide brand here for RRP $150. 

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