Today’s Museum Of Haunted Dolls At Old Adelaide Gaol Might Be The Creepiest Event We’ve Seen

If you’re in to the paranormal, this haunting event, which is being held today, will be sure to raise the hairs on your neck.


Haunted dolls, possessed dolls and just downright creepy dolls, are the stuff nightmares are made of. Plenty of Hollywood movies remind us of that on a regular basis.

Well today all your nightmares come true, at a one day event happening at Old Adelaide Gaol.

The folks from Karina’s Dolls with Souls and Highercombe Hotel (who also organise paranormal lock-ins) are inviting you to join them from 11am till 8pm tonight at the Gaol, so you can go and view, or investigate spirited dolls at your leisure.

The very thought makes my skin crawl as there’s also been plenty of paranormal activity recorded over the years at the Gaol, which in itself, can also be quite creepy.

At today’s event, you can view a unique collection of dolls in one of the historic cells of Old Adelaide Gaol.

There will be some new dolls added to the collection, and photos and recordings (or paranormal readings) are encouraged.

I may never sleep again.

Feel free to bring any ghost hunting apps on your phone/ equipment to investigate. Tickets are $5 at the door.

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