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Top 10 Immersive and Interactive Adelaide Fringe Shows

With shows that will please inquisitive minds, art lovers, thespians, quiz masters, and maybe those who are not so easily spooked…


The Luminarium: Daedalum – Image sourced via @architectsofair

The 2020 Adelaide Fringe is a mere few days away, and as the festival looms, it’s high time you organise some of your Mad March calendar.

Read on for the top immersive and interactive shows at this year’s fringe, with shows that will please inquisitive minds, art lovers, thespians, quiz masters, and maybe those who are not so easily spooked…

Luminarium: Daedalum | 14 Feb – 15 Mar

Barr Smith Lawns will host Luminarium: Daedalum at RCC this fringe. Enter a trippy, whirling colourscape that will create an unforgettable sensory visual and audio experience.

Under 12’s are free and tickets are $13, so get along to the explore this kaleidoscopic labyrinth.


MOD. at Uni SA have transported to the year 2050 and explore the age of climate refugees, limited resources and invasive species.

Discover through this interactive exhibit the journeys of seven siblings, how they have adapted in the changing climate, and their different ideas of what makes a good life.

The museum is a free exhibit that runs everyday except Monday, so get along and experience this amalgamation of art and science from the future.

Read the Room | 14 Feb – 1 Mar

Read the Room is an interactive quiz that involves audience members to participate on their smart phones.

By entering the quiz, you then have to predict which way the room swings: a simple, yet fun and engaging concept.

Read the Room tickets range from $15 to The Piglet at Gluttony.

Mummy’s Milk | 14 Feb – 15 Mar

Mummy’s Milk is a 15 minute, one on one session with the Liverpudlian matriarch, Mummy Mustash.

She’ll hold you and listen to all your deepest fears, as you open up for this intimate, conversational piece, that will never be the same performance twice.

Tickets are $20, so use this chance to vent all your existential crises to mother dearest.

Electric Dreams VR | 19 Feb – 23 Feb

Electric Dreams are hosting a variety of VR experiences that will transport you to a variety of different experiences.

Follow a suspenseful drama a lá Rear Window with ‘Fire Escape’, drift through the galaxy with ‘Cosmic’, or explore the animated zombie tale with ‘Gloomy Eyes’.

Held at the Masonic Lodge, tickets for Electric Dreams VR are $15.

Symbiotic Crossroads | 20 Feb – 21 Feb

Sparkke at The Whitmore will be hosting the work of Yi Ling Gong who will be exploring the interconnectedness of the creative arts and natural sciences.

The exhibition will include an interactive portion, as well as spoken word poetry, music and both still and moving visuals.

Enjoy a beverage and get along to Symbiotic Crossroads at Sparkke at the Whitmore, tickets are $20.

‘Mavericks, Madness and Murder Most Foul!’ – West Terrace Cemetery by Night Tour | Every Fri & Sat during Fringe

This late-night cemetery tour isn’t for faint of heart as the tour explores long-dead characters buried within the grounds as they are brought to life.

You’ll never see West Terrace Cemetery the same again as you witness the shocking, engaging and informative portrayal of past lovers, heroes and killers.

Rally some of your brave friends and get along to Mavericks, Madness and Murder Most Foul! Tickets are $28.

A Murder Most Foul: The Final Farewell | 26 Feb – 7 Mar

A unique dining experience has landed at the Adelaide Oval function centre, as the hall comes to life with a murder mystery for its guests to solve.

With the 40s theme, you can dress to the nines, enjoy a four course meal, and follow the clues to uncover who is behind the crime.

Ticket prices are between $82-$89, make sure you don’t miss out on A Murder Most Foul.

Scared S#!TLESS Horror Theatre Tour! | 29 Fri

Prepare to enter a spooky escape room as you work together as a group.

Entering the Scared S#!TLESS Horror Theatre Tour entails talking to the ghoulish characters and finding the clues to escape.

This is on for one night only at Theatre Two at The Parks Theatres, grab your $30 ticket and prepare your grand escape plan.

Project Ludwig | 1 Mar – 2 Mar

A day of classic music awaits at Project Ludwig, as the Australian String Quartet honour the work of Beethoven.

It’s a choose-your-own-adventure event, where you can choose the program, creating a unique musical event each time.

Tickets are $55, buy one and witness world-class musicians have fun playing around with classical music.

The Adelaide Fringe officially launches on February 14 ’til March 15. For the full Fringe program, head to

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