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Top 10 most Googled personal goals in South Australia this Summer

For South Australians, the quest for a healthier lifestyle dominates their online searches.

In the heart of summer, South Australians are turning to Google to navigate their personal improvement journeys, with weight loss leading the charge as the most sought-after goal.

This trend mirrors a nationwide inclination towards health and wellness, as revealed by a comprehensive study conducted by CPR First Aid. The research, which delved into Google search volumes for 65 top-trending keywords related to personal goals across Australia, offers a revealing glimpse into the aspirations and concerns of Australians during the summer months of November through February for both 2022 and 2023.

For South Australians, the quest for a healthier lifestyle dominates their online searches. A staggering 32.01% of all personal goal-related queries were focused on shedding extra kilos, making it the unequivocal top priority. Following closely behind, with 17.82% of searches, is the pursuit of healthy eating habits, while the importance of hydration, evidenced by a 15.09% share of searches on how to drink more water, underscores a holistic approach to wellness.

The study’s findings highlight a fascinating array of personal goals that South Australians are eager to achieve. From the desire to stop snoring, which captured 8.27% of the search volume, to quitting smoking and developing career paths, the diversity of aspirations reflects a comprehensive approach to self-improvement. Notably, less conventional concerns such as overthinking and anxiety also made the top ten list, indicating a growing awareness and openness towards mental health issues.

#Personal goal themeAverage monthly Google search volume near summer season% of all evaluated goals
1How to lose weight 25,25032.01
2How to eat healthy 14,06017.82
3How to drink more water 11,90015.09
4Stop snoring 6,5208.27
5Quit smoking 5,9407.53
6Develop career path 3,1604.01
7How to stop drinking 2,2102.80
8How to get better sleep 1,5301.94
9How to stop overthinking 1,4401.83
10How to deal with anxiety 1,2301.56

Across Australia, the pattern of prioritising health over other aspects of life is unmistakable. Weight loss emerged as the most Googled theme nationwide, with an average of 365,360 searches per month during the summer, significantly outpacing the interest in healthy eating, the second most popular goal. This widespread interest in weight loss was especially pronounced in New South Wales, which showed a slightly higher rate of searches compared to other states.

The study also sheds light on regional variations in personal goals. Western Australians, for instance, exhibit a 72% higher interest in career development than the national average, while residents of the Northern Territory are markedly more concerned with reducing alcohol intake and improving sleep quality. Tasmania’s unique focus on combating snoring further illustrates the diverse range of personal improvement goals across the country.

A spokesperson for CPR First Aid remarked on the findings, expressing surprise at the overwhelming focus on health-related goals over career or lifestyle ambitions. This, they noted, speaks volumes about the priorities of Australians, placing a healthy lifestyle at the forefront of their personal objectives.

As South Australians and indeed all Australians continue to navigate their personal improvement journeys, the insights from this study not only reflect current trends but also offer a roadmap for those looking to make positive changes in their lives. Whether it’s losing weight, eating healthier, or addressing mental health concerns, the collective shift towards wellness underscores a broader societal movement towards prioritising health and well-being.

#Personal goal themeAverage Google search volume per month near summer seasonMost concerned state/territory (% above national average)
1How to lose weight 365,360New South Wales (2.52%)
2How to eat healthy 192,590Northern Territory (3.80%)
3How to drink more water 165,050Australian Capital Territory (11.34%)
4Stop snoring 91,040Tasmania (21.20%)
5Quit smoking 77,750Northern Territory (28.56%)
6Develop career path 44,440Western Australia (71.87%)
7How to stop drinking 34,600Northern Territory (80.99%)
8How to get better sleep 21,300Northern Territory (126.16%)
9How to stop overthinking 20,200New South Wales (4.46%)
10How to budget 19,190Northern Territory (132.20%)

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