Diamond Design Studio reveal their top 5 engagement ring predictions for 2022

We spoke to the team at DDS Diamond Design Studios for their top 5 predictions of the most popular engagement ring styles of 2022.

One of the first things we do when we hear someone is newly engaged is wonder what their
engagement ring will look like. Have they opted for a traditional solitaire style or a
completely unique piece? Did they choose a diamond in their ring, or maybe some other
precious gem?
Then we got to thinking….Are there some designs that are more popular than others…? And
what are going to be the most popular styles for the coming year?
We decided to seek some expert advice. Speaking to the team at DDS Diamond Design
Studios, here are our top 5 predictions!


“When you think of engagement ring styles, the timeless silhouette of a
solitaire diamond ring is, most likely, the first to come to mind,” says Melissa from DDS..
“Holding the title as the most popular engagement ring design for decades, we don’t see
this style losing popularity any time soon.
“The simple elegance of the solitaire diamond ring has become a modern classic, remaining
our most requested style to date.


Melissa also added that contemporary shaped diamond halo rings are surging in popularity.

Usually the overall shape of a halo design is dictated by the cut of the diamond at its centre.
For example, if the centre diamond is an oval cut the halo designed around it is also usually
oval in shape.

Increasingly though, more interesting and unusual shaped halos, which deviate from this
unwritten rule, are being requested.

From geometrical shapes to floral-inspired outers, the options are almost endless


Melissa said that DDS are getting a lot morerequests for colour.

“Coloured diamonds and gemstones are not uncommon in rings, but their popularity is
certainly rising in 2022,” “There are so many fun ways to incorporate colour in a design.

We’ve already manufactured a few pink diamond and sapphire engagement rings this year,
ready for that all important question.”

Hayley Designer Cushion Cut Diamond Ring with Pink Pear Shape Diamond


Unique engagement ring styles are a common request at DDS. As their team states “custom
engagement ring designs are our specialty” and add that custom designs have become
increasingly popular of late.

”Couples are coming to us with more personal and thought-out ideas for
their engagement rings,” Melissa said.

“This trend we don’t see going out of style any time soon and any highly personal and
unique design will remain extremely sentimental overtime.”


In such uncertain times, Melissa notes that DDS has seen couples wanting to celebrate their
love in any way their can.

“With the surprise wedding being all the rage at the minute, a call for engagement rings
that can double as a wedding band is becoming a popular idea,” Melissa said.

“This can be cleverly designed in a few different ways to look as if the one ring is actually
two, or alternatively opting for a thicker bandthat incorporates a diamond as well.”

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring with Baguette Diamonds

Find out more about DDS Diamond Design Studio and shop their range through their website here.

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DDS Diamond Design Studio is located at High St Burnside, SA, Australia 5066.

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