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Top Ten Tips To Achieving A Natural Winter Glow

As the cold weather sets in, we asked the experts at Napoleon Westfield Marion, Tea Tree Plaza and West Lakes for their fail-safe beauty secrets to help warm up your skin tone this winter:


As the cold weather sets in, we asked the experts at Napoleon Westfield Marion, Tea Tree Plaza and West Lakes for their fail-safe beauty secrets to help warm up your skin tone this winter:

Kate Squires, National Creative Team Leader from Napoleon Perdis has given us her Top Ten Tips for achieving that Natural Winter Glow.

1. Let’s face it – a tan in winter is not natural. When your natural tan has faded, opt for tanning products that are one or two shades lighter than you would normally use in summer. An easy way to do this is to dilute the strength of your tanning product by adding it to your moisturiser – this will give you a lighter shade and you can build the colour you want gradually. Remember to always wear gloves if your choice of product develops.

2. Part of creating a winter glow is about toning down the intensity of your bronzing and tanning products. For your body, switch faux tan sprays for tinted body moisturisers (try the method detailed in point 1.) and for your face, swap a powder bronzer for a deeper shade of foundation or powder or bronzing primer.

3. Starting with a smooth surface is a must! Dry/flaky winter skin can make even the best product and application look oh-so wrong, so be sure to exfoliate regularly as part of your skin care routine. For best results use textured exfoliating gloves or nylon polishing towels and use in conjunction with a good salt or sugar body scrub.

4. For a daytime and effortless glow, ditch the bronzer entirely and opt for luminizer instead. Highlighting the high-points of your face like the brow bone, cheekbones, top of the cupids bow and inner corner of the eye will catch the light reflect, creating a natural radiant glow. If warmth is still needed, try a luminizer with a subtle gold or bronze pigment.

5. If you like to wear a pink or rose shade of blush on the cheeks but are afraid it will look flushed against fairer skin, apply your bronzer over the face and cheeks first. Using a matte bronzer of deeper foundation powder, sweep over the top of the forehead, along the cheekbone and onto the apple of the cheek, sweeping your brush towards the nose. Softly apply your blush over the bronzer, the two shades together will create a fresh, peach tone which warms the skin but also adds life to the face.

6. Choose hues for the eyes and lips that bring out the bronze in your skin. For example, pale pastel lipstick shades emphasise a fair, milky complexion so switch for a bold fuchsia or coral – these shades have more contrast against your skin tone and will not wash you out.

7. Don’t be afraid to experiment – we call it Mixology! Create your own custom colour by mixing gel eyeliners with lipsticks with concealers; your options are endless! You can mix deeper shades with lighter shades and vice versa, add black or white to deepen or lighten a hue, and you can also mix any weird and wonderful colour together to create something unique. It's all about experimentation and giving it a go!

8. If you're looking to bronze the whole face, avoid over applying product to the nose, around the eyes and on the chin and also avoid using anything too luminous. Keep product swept across hair line in the centre of the forehead (where the sun would first start to hit your face) then move to the cheekbones, avoiding the hairline at the sides of the face and also the ear.

9. Be sure to use the right brushes. This is important all year round but particularly in winter, when you’re trying to look sun-kissed not sun-soaked. The ideal bronzing blush is large and fluffy and if it’s on the firmer side you’re less likely to waste powder.

10. Remember healthy glowing skin starts from the inside out! Always drink plenty of water, dehydrated skin is not a friend of powders, so bronzing can emphasise fine lines and thin skin texture. Consider using cosmetics and skin care that include extra vitamins and minerals or even adding a vitamin supplement to your daily routine. Vitamins A, C and E and berries like Pepperberry, Riberry and Muntari Berry are rich, potent antioxidants which provide essential nourishment to keep your skin hydrated and will help to even your complexion.  

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