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Totally Vegan by Charlie takes over Adelaide Central Market for limited time

From October 31 to November 18, Totally Vegan By Charlie is set to bring treats of flavour and innovation at the Adelaide Central Markets.

Adelaide Central Market is buzzing with excitement following the announcement of the newest addition to its Producer in Residence program – Totally Vegan By Charlie.

From a limited time only, Totally Vegan By Charlie is set to treat our taste buds with a burst of flavour and innovation with an entirely vegan range of sweet treats.

Returning to the Producer in Residence program for the first time since 2019, the team are stepping back into the limelight with a mission to re-imagine some of our favourite sweet indulgences.

With an unwavering commitment to flavour and quality, the dynamic team has ensured that being vegan doesn’t equate to compromising on taste. They’ve masterfully crafted plant-based delicacies that retain the tasty flavour of their non-vegan counterparts.

Charlie, the talented baker behind Totally Vegan By Charlie, began her journey by developing recipes that were not just delicious but also wholesome. One of her signature creations, the Cherry Banana Bread, garnered such popularity among her friends that they started asking to buy it from her.

Moving on from sharing healthy banana bread with co-workers, Charlie kicked off her business venture by stocking a selection of beautiful cakes, slices, cheesecakes, and her famous wagon wheels at a friend’s market stall.

The surprise came when demand grew for her hand-crafted chocolate cake decorations to be made into individual chocolate bars.

What sets Totally Vegan By Charlie apart is their unwavering dedication to inclusivity. They understand that dietary preferences and requirements can vary widely, so they’ve gone above and beyond to create products that cater to various dietary needs.

From gluten-free options to sugar-free delights, they aim to have something for everyone, no matter your dietary situation.

The team take pride in working closely with their customers to create customised flavour combinations for special occasions. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just a sweet craving, Totally Vegan by Charlie is ready to collaborate with you to bring your dream dessert to life.

The arrival of Totally Vegan By Charlie at Adelaide Central Market promises to be an exciting addition to the offerings of the market. Their delicious vegan sweets, dedication to inclusivity, and commitment to customer satisfaction are sure to make them a beloved fixture within the market community.

Adelaide Central Markets, 44/60 Gouger St, Adelaide
When: October 31st to November 18

Click here for market operating hours, or find Totally Vegan By Charlie on Instagram.

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