Tour the Eyre Peninsula while helping revive koala habitat

A new 6 Day Eyre Peninsula and Flinders Ranges Adventure Tour takes you on an immersive journey of South Australia while conserving koala habitat.

Image credit: Untamed Escape

Adventurers and animal lovers, this one’s for you!

A new 6 Day Eyre Peninsula and Flinders Ranges Adventure Tour by Untamed Escape takes you on an immersive journey of South Australia.

The unforgettable adventure has a koala conservation twist as explorers immerse themselves in nature.

The tour takes travellers on surfing lessons, camping under the stars, swimming with sea lions, coming face-to-tooth with a white shark all while exploring the 540-million-year-old mountain ranges, sweeping gorges, bushland brimming with wildlife and rich Aboriginal history.

Along the journey, travellers will learn the state of koalas in the Eyre Peninsula and have a chance to make a difference, with education being the driving force of the tour. They will be able to volunteer at a koala conservation regeneration project at Mikkira Station.

The tour will spend an afternoon removing weeds or planting manna gum tree seeds which are critical habitat for the koalas.

The tour includes all meals provided, swag camping, a ferry from Lucky Bay to Wallaroo and entry to all the national parks.

Business Development and Marketing Manager Anna Heaton said the conservation element of the tour came about after the horrific bushfires of 2019/2020.

The fires brought forward the urgency to revive koala habitats, after the severe loss of this. The effect of the fires, combined with invasive plants that dominate koala’s vegetation was the drive behind the tour.

The tour focuses on appreciating the array of flora and fauna with particular attention to koalas.

The koala population was put under pressure after white settlement in the state where eucalyptus forests were cleared for vegetation and koala fur trade eradicated koalas from the region.

Between 1923-25, 18 koalas were introduced into the Eyre Peninsula to counteract the damage.

Currently, there are 170 koalas in the Mikkira Station which is home to the only koalas that can be found in the Eyre Peninsula.

From hiking with the wildlife in Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park, to trying fresh seafood in Coffin Bay, the tour takes explorers on a journey of our glorious state while conserving koala habitat.

Tickets for the tour are $1295 for adults and $1036 for children, with tours currently running until March 2022.

You can found out more and book here.

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