Track Down This Exclusive Barossa Winery At Cellar Door Fest

The event will be a rare opportunity for wine enthusiasts to nab these exclusive wines.


Cellar Door Festival is one of the best opportunities of the year to explore the unbelievable range of wineries that inhabit South Australia, all in the one place.

It’s a huge event, with plenty of producers you’d be familiar with, and plenty more you’re yet to discover, including niche wineries that aren’t as easily accessible day-to-day.

And they don’t get much more exclusive than Gatt Wines.

The boutique Barossa vineyard makes premium wines, made for longevity. They only release their wines when they’re ready, so a number of their older vintages are just being released now, and Cellar Door Fest will be a rare opportunity for wine enthusiasts to easily nab one.

Gatt Wines have won a swag of awards from around the world for their wines, which come from two sites – High Eden and Barossa – and Cellar Door Fest will be a rare opportunity to taste a wide range across a number of vintages.

Currently their only cellar door is at Taste Eden Valley, which only has the High Eden wines for tasting, but at Cellar Door Festival they’ll be showcasing wines from both regions.

You can currently taste Gatt Wines’ High Eden wines at Taste Eden Valley in Angaston, but Cellar Door Fest will be an opportunity to taste wines from both regions.

It’s a busy time out at the vineyards, but Gatt’s winemaker David Norman will be at Cellar Door Fest for some of the weekend.

And anyone who tastes or purchases Gatt Wines at Cellar Door Fest will go in the draw to win a magnum – so make sure you find them.

Cellar Door Fest is on March 15-17 at Adelaide Convention Centre. Get your tickets here.

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