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Tracy Crisp made an adult and she’ll tell you all about in her heartfelt Fringe show

Who knows the secrets that the long-held cookbook will uncover as memories are stirred and bittersweet truths float to the surface in Tracy Crisp’s exciting new show.

New Adelaide Fringe show I Made an Adult, centres upon a mother standing in the kitchen with her daughter having one last go at making the Women’s Weekly Cookbook cake look like the cover.

Who knows the secrets that the long-held cookbook will uncover as memories are stirred and bittersweet truths float to the surface?

Written by writer and performer of novels, memoirs, and monologues: Tracy Crisp.

Since returning to Adelaide from Abu Dhabi, Tracy has been a regular at Adelaide fringe, known for work that brings a potent mix of heart and humour.

With I Made an Adult, the trilogy that started with Pearls in 2018 becomes a four-part series. In 2019 and 2020 The Forgettory and An Evening with the Vegetarian Librarian had five-star reviews and sold out within days of opening.

Each piece stands alone, but echoes the others as she explores a different stage of life through her unique blend of theatre and storytelling.

Tracy says it has been cathartic to write this fourth show in her popular trilogy.

“This time I’m looking at life through the lens of parenthood. We share a lot about our experiences as new parents, but not so much when it’s time for our children to take their first steps into adulthood, and we wonder if we did a good job.”

“The effect of Covid on our community has been significant. In some ways the imposed stillness we’ve experienced this year has made us think about what really matters in life. But at the same time, it has been a deeply significant year as my youngest child turned 18 and finished school.”

“So I took a lighthearted approach to the show, looking back on the lighter moments of parenting, while still maintaining the poignancy and melancholy that all my shows seem to have at some point!”

This Fringe will also see Tracy reprising her smash 2018 hit show Pearls for three nights  in the new Open Air Theatre at twilight, with the Botanic Gardens providing the perfect setting.

I Made an Adult will open its season at The Bakehouse Theatre on Monday 22 February and continue to Saturday 6 March. From there it will move to Nexus Arts, from 9 to 13 March.

For more information and to buy tickets click here.

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