Traditional Italian cake shop Zucchero Pasticceria is as sweet as sugar

Specialising in Italian cakes and biscuits for all occasions, Zucchero Pasticceria may just be the pastry shop of your dreams.

Image credit: Zucchero Pasticceria

Craving something sweet that will transport you to the lush rolling green hills of Italy? Look no further than Zucchero Pasticceria, a small family-owned pastry store located in Rostrevor.

Specialising in Italian cakes, biscuits and made-to-order desserts for all occasions, Zucchero is sure to delight with their traditional style of baking.

Christian from Zucchero Pasticceria says that the family-owned business has been running for over 30 years, serving homemade sweet treats to Adelaide’s east.

“Everything is hand-made on premise. We promise to create quality products for everyone,” Christian says.

Their traditional Italian cakes include a promising Tiramisu, a vanilla sponge soaked in a coffee syrup blend with a fresh cream filling. Not craving a caffeine kick? Other traditional cakes include a Cassata Style, a rich vanilla sponge with sweet ricotta lightly soaked sponge.

For those wanting something more contemporary, Zucchero Pasticceria offers a large variety of familiar cakes, including a rich velvety chocolate mud cake and a fresh cream and strawberries cake that will leave your mouth watering for more.

Zucchero also creates cakes using the traditional Italian-dessert cannoli – but with a twist. The talented patisserie chefs form a jumbo cannoli, with 20 custard or ricotta cannolis oozing inside its shell. Plus, all cannoli cakes include a chocolate plaque with a personalised message.

Speciality orders are a must, and Zucchero Pasticceria will also deliver to every sweet tooth’s expectations. With diverse designs for different likes, preferences and passions, Zucchero Pasticceria can create a cake that can only be imagined by your wildest imagination.

Cake range in price depends on filling, size and decoration so calling ahead is a must.

Find Zucchero Pasticceria at 45 Sparks Terrace, Rostrevor SA 5073.

Call (08) 8365 3318 for speciality orders. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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