Traffic – Ian McFarland and Everything Has a Surface – various artists

Gallery 139 Traffic exhibition Ian McFarlandGallery 139
139 Magill Road, Stepney

8363 6139

18 March – 11 April 2010

Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11 – 5pm

Stripping or peeling layers of street posters is the method by which Ian McFarland achieves his richly textured surfaces, by leaving the process to chance and rearranging fragments onto canvas.

These fragments become a point of reference which, by rearranging them and with the use of paint, becomes his personal language. This is reminiscent of Kurt Schwitters who worked with the broken surface, fragmenting text, newspapers and magazines, in particular his work Invisible Ink, collage 1947. McFarland differs in that he is taking bits of his environment, somewhat like recording history, and adding his personal slant with the titles.

The Basement Gallery is a treasure of a space, housing Everything Has A Surface. The artists are Rohan Fraser, Peter Drew, Harmony Nicholas, Thom Buchanan, and Will Nolan. Showing diverse surfaces, Rohan Fraser’s The Quitters, appears visually as an overall pattern of exquisite line work. Portrait of Jethro, by Peter Drew reveals itself as one edges further away and the strength of a person makes itself known to the viewer.

Gallery 139 is a space with many possibilities for exhibiting work, from the large exhibitions to the smaller shows.

Reviewed by Gina De Pieri Salvi, Glam Adelaide Visual Arts Critic.

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