Trailer Park Boys: Drunk, High & Unemployed Tour – 2012 Adelaide Fringe

Presented by Adrian Bohm Presents

Reviewed:18th March 2012

An impressive chunk of Adelaide turned out to see what the Trailer Park Boys could deliver on stage last Sunday night.  The Canadian tv series wrapped up in 2008, after a successful 7 year run and the boys have been touring their comedy stage show since. In the series, good friends Bubbles (Mike Smith), Julian (John Paul Tremblay) & Ricky (Rob Wells) wreak havoc on Sunnyvale Trailer Park , where they all live, finding themselves in ridiculous situations, and usually ending up having to deal with the police or the supervisor of the trailer park, Jim Lahey, whose mission it is to rid the park of the weed-smoking rum-drinking trio.

The boys generally manage to escape no worse for wear, failing time and time again, their plans unravelling before they’ve even started. You can't help but love them and their failings as they're always looking out for each other and are simply trying make a buck. Especially Bubbles. Bubbles does his best to stick by the others, all while caring for the entire Sunnyvale feral cat population, his precious ‘kitties’.  

Unfortunately, the 'Drunk, High & Unemployed tour’ doesn’t do them justice and fails to deliver the more clever and subtle humour in the series, which is disappointing.  Not to say it wasn’t entertaining for the vast majority of the audience. The boys hit the stage to cheers and applause, and they managed to keep the crowd enthused with skits and humour that would have never made it to screen. There were elements of the show that translated well, like the documentary style handheld camcorder and the three working towards some hopelessly flawed plan. Audience participation was good for the most part, and included Ricky selling hotdogs on stage for $10 each, not a bad way to earn a few hundred dollars!

Bubbles was the star, with Ricky and Julian not able to offer as much; their characters not as well suited to a live stage performance.

Even if you’ve never seen the series, the tour should still appeal if you like anything to do with illustrations of penises, crazy ideas, weed, alcohol, or seeing friends telling each other to f— off repeatedly. 

Venue Location: Thebarton Theatre, Henley Beach Road Thebarton SA

Ticket Price: $69

Season: Finished


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